Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Kim admits that Blac Chyna gave Rob "confidence" in new clip

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In a new clip from Episode 3 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Khloé discuss Rob's relationship with Blac Chyna and agree that he has no loyalty to his family. Read on to see what they had to say!

So far on Season 12 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rob has been mentioned in passing. Khloé remarked that he's moved out of her house and isn't speaking to her since he started dating Blac Chyna. When the rest of family stopped babying Rob, Khloé was always there for him. The two have even been living together for years, but it seems like Rob's new relationship has come between the formerly close siblings. We knew from a teaser trailer of KUWTK Season 12 that Rob would be making a comeback this season and we've just been waiting to see how this will all play out. Although it hasn't yet been discussed on the show, it was recently announced that Rob and Blac Chyna are expecting a baby. We're sure this will be a big story line later in the season and we can only wonder right now how the family is reacting to the news that the relatively new couple is going to have a baby together.

In a scene from tomorrow's episode, Kim and Khloé agree that Rob dating Blac Chyna has helped him to come out of hiding, but they aren't thrilled with how his relationship is affecting the family. The clip opens with Khloé talking to Kim and saying how shocking she finds it that Rob is now being very public with her personal life, after missing the last three Christmases and refusing to leave his bedroom. Referring to Blac Chyna, Kim's responds: "She gave him confidence. More power to her." In a confessional, Kim says that despite the family drama caused by Rob's relationship, she's happy that he's gained confidence in himself. However, she tells Khloé that he should have had the decency to tell his family, especially Kylie, who was dating Blac Chyna's ex Tyga, in order to prepare them for it. Since he didn't do that, Kim says he has no loyalty, to which Khloé agrees. Here at melty, we can't wait for the drama to unfold on tomorrow's episode! For more Keeping Up with the Kardashians updates click the green subscribe button below! Do you think Kris will apologize to Khloé?

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