Kit Harington on Spooks: The Greater Good: "I'm terrible at keeping secrets" (EXCLUSIVE)

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If you were the head of MI5, what key qualities would you look for in a spy? Don't be fooled by Kit Harington's good looks - discretion isn't one of his strong points. melty sat down with the actor to discuss his latest film, Spooks: The Greater Good

Still languishing in despair after Game of Thrones' shocking Season 5 finale? Us too. Fortunately, we at melty have something to help banish those midweek blues in the form of an exclusive interview with actor Kit Harington (spoiler alert: no Jon Snow scoop here, folks.) We sat down with the star to discuss his latest film, Spooks: The Greater Good, where he stars as rookie MI5 operative Will Holloway. Actor Peter Firth meanwhile reprises his role as Harry Pearce, alongside supporting cast members from the BBC's hugely successful original series. The spy film marks a drastic departure from Harington's Game of Thrones days, and it doesn't appear that he relishes all those endless Jon Snow comparisons. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Take a look at the video in full, originally published on our sister website, below, and keep your ears peeled for Harington's response when asked if he's anything like the now-iconic character.

Asked whether he'd always dreamed of playing a spy à la James Bond, the actor replied: "I really wanted to play a spy... Every boy runs around with a fake gun and tries to shoot things! I think it is quite a childish thing, actually... [but] I wanted to do this because it was a great story." That's not to say that things would go as well if the roles were reversed and Harington found himself standing outside MI5 in real life: after all, enthusiasm can only take you so far. The 28-year-old held his hands up:"I'd make a really bad spy! I'm terrible at keeping secrets... I might be alright at the fighting side of things, but I'd be terrible at everything else." We can think of one secret you've been keeping, Mr. Harington, and "I've been told I'm dead" just won't cut it. Take a look at these new casting calls for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and let us know what you thought of the interview. Have you seen Spooks: The Greater Good yet?

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