melty Future Awards 2016, follow the show on social media

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We are now hours away from the start of the melty Future Awards, and don't worry if you won't be in attendance, you can follow the show every step of the way on our social media pages

The 2016 melty Future Awards are going down TONIGHT! Whoop whoop! The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived, with the Golden Carpet officially opening in four hours and we can't wait to see the special guests (including Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars star Cody Christian!) strut their stuff and hopefully pose for some photos with us. Following this spectacular intro, the melty Future Awards will get underway at 8:45 pm, and that is when the real fun begins! The ceremony honors the rising stars of 2016 and will include a live show and performances, and some fun surprises to shake things up! Now in its third year, the 2016 melty Future Awards are sure to be bigger and better than ever before. Don't believe me just watch (*Bruno Mars voice*)! If you're a fan of television, film, music, YouTube videos, video games - basically any type of media, this is a night you certainly don't want to miss out on!

For those of you who scored a ticket to tonight's festivities: you go Glen Coco! If you didn't, however, there's no need to fret, we got you covered. You can stream the event live on your computer and never miss a beat of the night's action. Click here to watch the live ceremony. You're welcome. You can even post a comment (on the right of the live stream) to say hi to your favorite celebs, ask questions and to voice your opinion. For those of you too busy to watch the whole event through and through, you can still peruse the live streaming at your leisure or follow what's happening on our melty social media sites. We'll be live tweeting the event throughout the night, and posting photos on Instagram so you can check out the threads that all the stars wear. And for more melty Future Awards info head on over to @MFA on Twitter! Live and relive the 2016 MFAs with us on social media! Will you be tuning in to tonight's ceremony?

Source: meltygroup / YouTube: @MFA