melty Future Awards 2017, check out the Coming Soon International nominees

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Now that it's January, preparation for the 2017 melty Future Awards has been kicked into high gear, and that includes introducing the nominees for our Coming Soon International Award! Check them out below

We've said goodbye to 2016 and are ready for all the awesome things in store this year. Coming up next month is our annual melty Future Awards, which seeks to recognize hot, young talents from around the globe. We've already introduced you to our nominations for the Special International Female Award, as well as the Special International Male Award nominees. And now it's time to shine a light on our Coming Soon International Award. First up, there's Millie Bobby Brown, who shot to stardom and is now a household name thanks to Netflix's Stranger Things. Brown plays the enigmatic Eleven, whose fate was left hanging in the balance at the end of Season 1, but we're ecstatic to know that Brown will be back in action as Eleven in the sophomore season.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, better known as The Dolan Twins, have also been nominated for the Coming Soon International Award. They crack up their YouTube followers with their entertaining videos. You might recognize our next nominee, Hailee Steinfeld, from Pitch Perfect 2 or more recently The Age of Seventeen. She's an American actress who's also besties with Taylor Swift and we're excited to say that she'll appear in Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017. Next we have Australian actor Brenton Thwaites, who's starring in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film. And last, but certainly not least is American singer Bebe Rexha. She's featured on G-Eazy's song "Me, Myself & I" (which we cannot get out of our heads), her debut album, All Your Fault, drops in February, and she will soon headline her first tour. Who would you like to see take home the Coming Soon International Prize?

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