New Orange Is The New Black Season 4 trailer references the Oscars

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Last night was Oscars night! melty sends its congratulations to all the winners, but Litchfield doesn't seem so jovial - not if you watch the latest teaser trailer

Litchfield might seem like the kind of place where hopes are dashed and dreams are ruined, but now and again there are moments like Red's encounter with her own SUPER CUTE mini-me that make your heart melt. Following the announcement that Orange Is The New Black will return to Netflix for its fourth season on June 17, the network has been slowly but surely leaking cheeky snippits of information - the fact that Judy King is heading to Litchfield, for example. Last night was the Oscars ceremony - the greatest, most hotly-anticipated event in the Hollywood calendar - and OITNB marked the occasion by releasing another teaser trailer. It begins with some of the inmates watching the ceremony from the comfort of their own 'living room'. It's light outside, and the scene has obviously been photoshopped together, but who cares when the entertainment is so good? "You know when white folks try to be exciting," Taystee tells Black Cindy, "they still boring!" "Yeah, I was asleep," replies BC.

In fact, there is a lot of old footage in this trailer. It's hard to decipher what is new and what has been taken from Seasons 1-3, but that doesn't prevent it being an interesting watch. There's definitely some Season 3 Piper in there, as she says: "Everybody knows it's about talent, originality, sense of humor," before she and Flaca burst out laughing. It's a hilarious little dig at the Hollywood culture, and we found it particularly amusing. It's the second half of the teaser where things begin to look unfamiliar. A ginormous prison guard is seen blowing an air horn at the inmates, as he stands there looking ominously intimidating. So could a new set of inmates mean a new set of no-nonsense guards as well? Good luck, girls... The teaser ends with another classic OITNB quip, from who else but Uzo Aduba's Suzanne. Morello says: "You know those Hollywood types..." before Suzanne responds (with a typically extravagant arm flourish): "And they call me Crazy!" Oh Crazy Eyes, we love you! <3 What did you think of the teaser?

Source: Netflix