Orange Is The New Black: Piper Kerman compares the series to her real-life experiences

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Piper Kerman, who gifted us with the book that inspired the hit Netflix Original series Orange Is The New Black, answers questions about her own experience behind bars. Check out how it holds up to the series below

Piper Kerman is the best-selling author who wrote the book which opened our eyes to the lives of women in America's penitentiary prisons. Kerman recently gave a talk at a fundraising event called 'The View From Behind Bars'. The evening was held by the Elizabeth Fry Society (EFry) of Calgary which, for over 50 years, has supported and advocated for thousands of women who have been impacted by poverty, legal and justice issues. Kerman spoke to the Calgary Herald before her talk, and when asked on how the show compares with her own experiences, she said: "It is an adaptation of a true story. I always say Jenji Kohan, the show’s creator, takes the book, puts it in a blender, and puts a lot of other ingredients in there, and presses liquify." She continued: "But the things that are important to me, most important to me, are that the themes from the book around race and class and gender and power and friendship and empathy, those themes are front and centre in every single episode of the show."

Piper Kerman has also spoken out about real life prison problems and how they come through on Orange Is The New Black. Regarding the book, the show's success and how responsive people have been to both, Kerman had this to say: The reason people responded to the book is because the world of prisons and jails is very intentionally hidden away from public view. I also think the amazing thing the show does is put out a wide range of female protagonists. Each and every one of us can find someone on the show to root for and identify with even though that person is wearing a prison uniform." This is certainly the case, many times when talking about the show and we've asked each other, 'Which prison mate do you identify the most with?', not at any point has someone said 'none of them', there's always one girl with whom you can empathise. Whilst promoting the series, one of its most iconic actresses Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red, recently warned fans that Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black gets 'very dark'. We cannot wait! How you feel about what the show has done to expose women's lives behind bars?

Source: Calgary Herald