Orange Is The New Black Season 3 bloopers will make you LOL!

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The working week is almost over, and this video of Orange Is The New Black bloopers is sure to make you laugh so hard, it will be Friday evening before you know it

Orange Is The New Black never ceases to put a smile on our ugly mugs. Even the super-dramatic-and-actually-really-quite-sad bits are punctuated with a quip or a snide remark that will leave you spraying your drink all over the TV screen (of course we're not referring to any personal experiences here...). Anyway, the stuff that makes the final cut is bound to make us cackle, but just imagine what it would be like to watch some behind-the-scenes footage, the stuff that's just so ridiculous that the public shouldn't see it... Yes, IT'S BLOOPER TIME! Netflix recently unveiled a cheeky minute-long clip of bloopers and fails from Season 3 filming, and if they don't make you laugh, we will eat a hat of your choosing (although we probably won't). Now, one minute obviously isn't a long time, but it's sufficient enough for Natasha Lyonne to stumble over several lines as Nicky (#PleaseComeBack), for Selenis Levya to drop a bunch of keys, and for Kate Mulgrew to compare herself to Clint Eastwood. See, now you're really interested, aren't you? Go on, check it out below.

Now we aren't just going to walk you through everything you've just watched, but we do need to draw attention to Kate Mulgrew's blooper in particular. Turning around (à la Bond villains), she announces: "I'm back, bitch," before breaking out into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. "I can't do it," she screams, suggesting she resembles: "F*cking Clint Eastwood in drag!" Now we wouldn't go that far, Red, but that line did all seem rather over-extravagant! Actually, whilst we're on the topic of inmate Reznikov, she could have herself a partner-in-crime (or a new arch-enemy) when Season 4 airs on Netflix, as the celebrity chef, Judy King, is heading to Litchfield! With Red now back in charge of the kitchen, will King encroach on her turf, or will the two become prison BFFs? That's a story that's sure to provide a fascinating narrative during the next 13 episodes. And who knows, with another three seasons already commissioned, perhaps it is a story that will run and run and run... Did you enjoy the OITNB bloopers?

Source: Netflix