Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Blair Brown teases Judy King's addition to Litchfield

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Orange Is The New Black has a penchant for the over-dramatic, but Season 4 really will be intense AF. Read on to see how Judy King's arrival in Litchfield will shake things up

Red vs Judy - we can picture it now... With the revered celebrity chef heading to Litchfield in Orange Is The New Black Season 4, you can be sure as punch that inmate Reznikov will put up a fight. After all, we saw the lengths she went to in order to reclaim control of 'her' kitchen from Gloria; why would things be any different this time round? We got our first glimpse of Judy King behind bars in the intense AF Season 4 trailer, and we expect her to crop up here, there and everywhere when the next thirteen episodes are released on Netflix. Blair Brown, the woman who plays King, recently spoke to Yahoo, and she teased the following about her character: "She's so funny, often in a rather appalling way, but she is funny. She's used to getting her own way, and yes, she brings that attitude to prison." Uh-oh, it looks like we have a prima donna on our hands! Some of the other prisoners are NOT gonna like that!

Brown continued: "People, inmates and also the staff don't know how to deal with having a famous person there. So you can imagine all the variety of ways that people react to that, good and bad." Yep, just as we suspected: Judy is gonna be a hugely divisive figure within Litchfield. There will be characters such as Red who she will instantaneously alienate, purely for who she is, but there are bound to be others (we like to call them the 'leeches') who will follow Judy around like a bad smell - this will probs be Leanne, let's be honest. Perhaps this 'us vs them' is what provokes such a tense, dramatic fourth season. Bus-loads of new inmates are heading to Litchfield at the beginning of Season 4, and they've got to go somewhere... Brace yourselves OITNB-ians, we could be about to see our first ever prison-based civil war! Would you be Team Red or Team Judy?

Source: Yahoo