Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Dascha Polanco dishes on the finale cliffhanger

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Orange Is The New Black's Season 4 finale left us on a cliffhanger as Daya pointed a gun at the twisted CO Humphrey's face while being cheered on by the women around her. Read on to hear Dascha Polanco's prediction on whether Daya will follow through in her threat

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12 left us all in a state of distress as Litchfield suffered a tragic loss. Poussey Washington was accidentally killed by CO Bayley in the midst of a peace protest gone wrong and it was truly devastating. The women of Litchfield were counting on Caputo to deliver them justice that unfortunately never came, which caused them to march towards Caputo's office and unfortunately for CO Humphrey they crossed his path first.

Humphrey became one of Season 4's main antagonists, as he forced Maritza at gun point to eat a live mouse, he instigated a fight between Maureen and Crazy Eyes which almost killed the former of the two inmates, and he even brought a gun into the prison. However, this last act came back to bite him. As the women were marching towards Caputo's office in protest, he pulled out his gun, only to have it knocked to the ground by Maritza. As it fell to the floor Daya picked it up and pointed it back at the CO in vengeance. Speaking to Vulture about Daya's intent, actress Dascha Polanco stated: "That’s her outburst. She’s reached her tipping point." Unfortunately for Daya, this is not the first time she's wanted vengeance against a CO

Daya has been let down, time again since she arrived at Litchfield, however most importantly, by the father of her child, who abandoned their baby and her because frankly, he is a wimp. Things only got worse, when her mother's meddling meant that Daya's baby was sent into foster care. Polanco expanded on Daya's 'tipping point' by explaining: "She doesn’t have her baby, her father left, her mother’s not there. It’s like, I’m going to show why I’m here. She’s just over it."

Speaking on what caused the prison riot in the first place, Poussey's death, Polanco also spoke about that difficult day of shooting on the OITNB set. She revealed: "It was very sad for all of us. We’re a family, the original group. People that come in knew what it was before, but we knew before it was anything, and there’s a sense of commitment to it. On set we all cried — we did not expect [to]." We here at melty all cried, too. If you missed Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 13, you can check out our recap on the season finale where the inmates pulled together against injustice. Do you think that Daya will follow through with her intentions?

Source: Vulture