Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 1 recap, Chapman is gansta

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Orange Is The New Black is back! The women of Litchfield are gracing our screens once again with fantastic one liners and a stellar Bill Cosby joke within the first ten minutes of the Season 4 premiere. Here's our recap!

Cast your mind back to the Orange Is The New Black Season 3 finale, where the ladies were frolicking in the lake behind the prison. Piper sent Stella off to MAX Security for stealing money from her panty-fetish business. While Alex, despite being called 'paranoid' by Piper for feeling like she was being hunted by Kubra, was cornered in the greenhouse by one of his hit-men posing as a guard. Taylor Schilling recently warned fans that the situation at Litchfield will get even worse in Season 4 and man, did she have a point.

Season 4 begins with Litchfield as a complete mess. Caputo is clutching at straws after his COs walked out on their job, and so he asks for guards to be sent down from MAX to help out, due to the influx of all the new inmates that have just arrived. The drama is then delayed for a moment, and we find Maureen and Crazy Eyes touching each other's elbows and ear lobes. Maureen suggests they make a run for it, although Crazy Eyes is hesitant. She finally agrees and they walk until they find a house that was originally built for the COs to live in. Maureen suggests staying there forever. Taken aback by the extremity of this proposal, Suzanne refuses and runs back to the prison, weirdly enough this felt like the right decision.

In the greenhouse, Alex is being strangled by Kubra's hit-man, that is until Lolly walks in and clubs the man around the head until they believe him to be dead. Thinking that the worst is over, the two try to decide what to do with the body until the man receives a text from Kubra, asking for proof of Alex's murder. Lolly takes a picture of Alex pretending to be dead, which then cues one priceless Bill Cosby joke. Lolly then utters the second funniest line from the episode, as they add emojis to their reply, she exclaims: "Ooh, I like the kitty with the heart eyes. And the alien, but that’s not how aliens really look." As the prisoners' are called back to go into lockdown, the two temporarily cover the hit-man's body with tarp. Back in the building, Soso and Poussey join their group as the new item in town and it is absolutely adorable. Meanwhile Daya is furious that Cesar has been arrested, as it means that her child who was originally sent to him to be his responsibility will be placed into the foster care system, and she takes her anger out on her mother, Aleida.

The legendary Judy King arrives at Litchfield and she's off to not too bad of a start, being a celebrity and all. Judy goes virtually unnoticed due to the complications which have arisen throughout the prison. Blair Brown recently took the time to speak about Judy King's place in the prison, and from the looks of it, she'll be a cheeky addition to Litchfield. The inmates are then separated in the cafeteria into two groups, new arrivals and old timers. Flaca is asked by a new prisoner who the leader of the joint is, and in an attempt to get back at Piper for firing her from the panty business, Flaca nods towards Piper who is unassumingly sat alone. Not exactly living up to her self-proclaimed 'gangsta' image, but Yoga Jones approves. The episode comes to an end as the women are shown to their new bunkbeds and meet the new inmates. As much as they're feeling frustrated, this feels like only the beginning of their problems. How did you feel about the premiere episode of Orange Is The New Black Season 4?

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