Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 10 recap, movie night takes a turn for the worse

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 10 sees the season get that much darker as tensions between the gangs start to rise, and all Taystee wanted to do was watch a film.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4's plotlines begin to come together during Episode 10's movie night. After a long build up, we finally see Aleida being released from prison. She hugs Daya and Gloria goodbye and is picked up by Cesar's new girlfriend, Margarita. As uncomfortable as that makes her, they leave Litchfield, but not before one of the guards hands Aleida a drawing from Daya. At breakfast, Aleida is overwhelmed by the outside world, and most especially, the number of men. It gets worse when Aleida finds out that not only does Margarita have a child with Cesar, but she got herself a new boyfriend after Cesar was sent to prison. The two fight and Aleida goes to see her cousin who is no help whatsoever. Thus Aleida goes back to Margarita's house. That night, she comforts Margarita's newborn baby, and is reminded of how badly she needs to get her own children out of foster care.

In the SHU, Sister Ingalls is finally able to make contact with Sofia, and thanks to her efforts in the smuggling department, she is able to use a camera phone to get a picture of Sofia, which Caputo then gives to Danny Pearson to show Sophia's wife, Crystal. After much coaxing from Flaca, Maritza finally tells her about CO Humphrey forcing her to eat a mouse. She is clearly scarred by the experience but seems to relax somewhat after telling the truth to her friend, who is traumatized by the news. The guards saw Maritza vomiting, but they chose to ignore her behavior and decide that she and CO Humphrey just did the nasty. Nicky is doing all she can to obtain drugs, but Red's scare tactics have worked, and everyone is refusing to enable her addiction. Officer Luschek confesses to Nicky that he slept with Judy King in order to get her out of prison, but she dismisses his efforts as a terrible way of apologizing for what he did in the first place.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 9 saw Blanca cause a stir, by standing up to the guards and having her punishment be to stand on a cafeteria table for an indefinite amount of time. We see her now, still standing and almost creating a health and safety hazard through her scent alone. However, after Piper lost control in Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 5 (check out our recap if you missed it), she tries to redeem herself by giving Blanca some food. The consequence of this is that she too is punished by having to join Blanca on the table. Racial tension has been a huge theme throughout this season, and it all comes to a head when Taystee discovers The Wiz among the library's 'ethnic' section and suggests it for their weekly film. This choice does not go down well with the White Supremacist group who causes a stir, and the film is swiftly turned off.

During movie night, Maureen and Suzanne sneak away to a closet to have some alone time, as Suzanne realises that Maureen is most likely the only person in the prison with whom she can be intimate. Sadly though, Maureen stops pleasuring Suzanne just as Suzanne is about to see fireworks, as punishment for leaving her alone in the woods way back in Episode 1. In Construction 101 class, Piscatella makes the decision to dig up the greenhouse, rather than empty space. The inevitable then comes to pass, and during the digging process, the remains of Kubra's hit-man, who was dressed as a prison guard, are uncovered. If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that all hell is going to break loose in the next episode. How do you think that the guards will deal with this new discovery?

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