Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 11 recap, Crazy Eyes loses control

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 11 sees the COs take over Litchfield in a time of crisis, Loly confesses, and we discover more about Crazy Eyes' tragic past. Here's our recap!

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 10 saw movie night take a turn for the worse, as the prison gangs clashed, and the dead body of Kubra's hit-man was found in the greenhouse garden. At the start of Episode 11, Caputo goes straight to the MCC headquarters to see what can be done to about the situation. Before he leaves, he orders the COs to maintain order, no interactions no nothing, just to keep the peace. However, in true Piscatella style, he completely ignores Caputo's orders, and almost immediately begins separating inmates into a room for questioning. Thankfully, due to the chaos, Blanca and Piper are allowed to step down from the cafeteria tables (maybe Blanca will be now tempted to take a shower).

Abe and Bailey are opposed to the treatment of the inmates and so they are sent outside, where Abe begins to read Stephen King's It because frankly, it's less scary than what's happening in the world around him. Luschek is assigned to ensure Judy King is doing well, which turns into a threesome between the two of them and Yoga Jones after Judy encourages them to take ecstasy with her. In the previous episode, Sister Ingalls was able to get a picture of Sophia to Caputo, who then gave it to Danny to show Sophia's wife Crystal. We see Danny arrive at MCC with the aim of getting Sophia out of the SHU, and thankfully, the effort leads to her immediate release. Characters like Danny give the rest of us hope that the system isn't totally corrupt, if only there were more people like him in charge.

We got another glimpse at Crazy Eyes' heartbreaking backstory, which unveils why she was put in prison. Up until now the backstories have of course added depth to the characters in question, but this one stands out by being far and away the most emotional. We see her working in a superstore as a greeter, where she has a permanent smile on her face. Due to her dedication to the job Suzanne is employee of the month, but she also bumps into her favourite customers, a mother and her two sons. Later on in a nearby park, she runs into the youngest of the two boys and invites him over to hers to play video games. Her irrational tendencies come to the surface when the boy says he wants to go home and when she doesn't let him, so he calls 911. In a bid to escape, he climbs out of a window, but loses his footing and falls to his death.

Not only is it gut-wrenching that Suzanne never got the help she needed for her illness, but it is almost unbearable to watch when the guards manipulate her behavior for their entertainment. CO Humphrey pits Crazy Eyes against Maureen in the room where some inmates are waiting to be questioned. She doesn't want to fight but within moments she is beating Maureen to a pulp and it's up to the other inmates, not the guards, to pull Suzanne off her opponent before she is killed. CO Humphrey reacts to the near-fatal brawl by boasting: "Looks like I won $20." Evil. Humphrey forced Maritza to eat a live baby mouse in Episode 10, and the fact that he's using these women in his sadistic games is one of the most disturbing themes of this whole season.

After questioning Red to no avail, Piscatella orders for her bunk to be stripped and in doing so, they find the dead guard's keys. In Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 7, Lolly and Healy struck up an unlikely friendship. However during this inquest, Healy realises that it wasn't Lolly's illness that made her think she killed someone, she actually did and he did nothing to help her. Healy then goes to a nearby river with the intention of killing himself for essentially being a failure, but his ringing phone stops him. We then see him at the moment after Healy tells Piscatella about Lolly, and they find her in her time machine. Trying not to upset or scare her, Healy approaches Lolly and she looks up at him and says: “I’m just trying to travel back in time before I killed that guy.” This is by far and away the most heartbreaking point of the episode, and it only gets worse as we cut to see Healy closing the door to the Psych Ward behind two men who are dragging Lolly to her new cell. She calls his name for help, but he can no longer help her. For all the latest news and updates on Orange Is The New Black, click the green subscribe button below. Do you think the guards will ever get their comeuppance?

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