Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12 recap, Litchfield suffers a tragic loss

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The women of Litchfield can't take it any more. The guards have taken it too far and it's time to take a stand. But at what cost? Read on for our recap of Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12 is painful for many reasons, the main reason being that the lives of the inmates, and even the guards that work for them are seen as being insignificant, and a nuisance. Although this notion has been a constant theme throughout this season, it is never more significant than it is during this episode.

During Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 11, we saw Crazy Eyes lose control, after CO Humphrey forced her and Maureen to fight, and even left it up to the other inmates to separate the two when Maureen was dangerously close to being beaten to death. Upon discovering the dismembered body of the hitman who was sent to kill Alex in the garden, Caputo went to MCC to see what could be done to best control the situation. But, before leaving, he ignorantly left Piscatella in charge, and ordered him not to take any action against the prisoners. However Piscatella went against his orders, and not only sectioned a number of inmates off for questioning, but refused to let Red sleep, and allowed Humphrey's punching match to go ahead. The episode begins as Caputo arrives back at Litchfield, and CO Bayley runs up to him to tell him about the atrocities which befell the women while he was away.

After Maureen is sent to Medical, Taystee and Poussey do their best to comfort Suzanne, trying to convince her that the fight was not her fault. However, Suzanne is clearly traumatised by what she did, and refuses to speak. Poussey voices that they may need to call her family, but Taystee worries that they may just put send her away. At this moment, the Nazi band which Piper unintentionally created, enter the dorm. Taystee bleieves they want to start a fight, when in fact, they propose to work together and organise a protest against the guards. Sophia is back in Litchfield, and seeing that she needs a friend, Gloria tries to help her feel like herself again.

Poussey and Soso sneak into Lolly's homemade time machine and begin to make plans for the future. Poussey even plucks up the courage to talk to Judy King about a job for when she gets out, to which Judy King is happy to help. It seems as though she and Soso are going to be very happy together. On the same note, Alex and Piper have reconnected and also talk about how they are going to make it together when their time in Litchfield comes to an end. It seems as though there is a light at the end of their barred tunnel.

The backstory in this episode revolves around CO Bayley, who we first see as a young boy, reluctantly climbing a water tower with his friends to get drunk and smoke weed. In the next scene, he is working at an ice cream stand, where he is swiftly fired for giving free cones to pretty, girls. As a way of taking revenge, he and his friends egg Bayley's former-boss' house, and as they're driving off, they see a group of inmates from Litchfield working near the road, so they decide to egg them too, hitting Frieda who shouts after them: "You can't do that! I'm a human being!" It seems as though Bayley's childish acts are what pushed him to be a prison officer. However, in the present day, he is urged by Caputo to get out of the prison system before it destroys him.

News of the peaceful protest are flying around the prison and it looks as though, despite seemingly insurmountable differences between the 'families', that everyone is on board. Red tries to talk to Mr. Healy about the situation and he is clearly not paying attention, which is unsurprising considering that he was prepared to kill himself in the last episode. Healy made this decision after realising that he had failed Lolly, after the two stuck up and unlikely friendship in Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 7. Red tries to snap him out of it, but we next see Healy walking out of Litchfield and checking himself into a mental institution.

Red then falls asleep while in the cafeteria, to which Piscatella reacts by throwing her onto the floor. It is at this point that Blanca takes the lead and stands on one of the cafeteria tables, and is then joined by Piper (it's not as if they haven't done it before). Then, one by one, every inmate is standing on the tables, staring at the guards in a silent protest, until they state that they will not move until Piscatella resigns. He then orders for backup and starts removing the women from their positions. Crazy Eyes, who is standing next to Poussey, becomes nervous and as she is taken down from the table, she starts lashing out against Bayley. Poussey tries to interfere but Bayley then tackles Poussey to the ground, with one knee on her back and a hand on her neck.

While fighting away Crazy Eyes attacks, Bayley doesn't realise that his weight is causing Poussey to suffocate. Once Crazy Eyes is taken back by the guards, it's too late, Poussey is gone. Taystee sees her the lifeless body of her friend on the floor, breaks through the guards' hold and runs to Poussey, breaking down as she lies next to her. Have you recovered from Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12?

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