Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 13 recap, the inmates pull together

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 13 sees Lichfield's 'families' come together in the face of tragedy, and stand up against corporate injustice. Red our recap to find out all of the details.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 12 saw Lichfield suffer a tragic loss, as Poussey was suffocated to death by Bailey, who tackled her to the ground while warding off Crazy Eyes' attacks in the midst of what was meant to be, a peaceful protest. The season finale episode entitled "Toast Can't Ever Be Bread Again", sees how Poussey's death has effected each of the prison's groups, and how the corporate system uses Caputo to take advantage of Litchfield as a whole. We see Piscatella talking to the guards, intimidating them into saying that Poussey was responsible for her own death, by being violent during the time of the protest. Caputo then enters, not believing a word they say, primarily because of Poussey's gentle nature while she was alive, and the fact that he discovered some very disturbing facts about Piscatella's past.

Caputo then finds Bayley who asks if Poussey is going to be alright, which visibly shocks Caputo to see that the CO doesn't even realise he killed an inmate. The previous episode painted a picture of Bayley, as being one of those rare people who became a prison guard in order genuinely help inmates. Unfortunately he unintentionally became a killer, and Orange Is The New Black continues its theme of showing the audience that not everything is as black and white as we'd like it to be. In the dorms, Norma is singing softly and holding a crying Soso in her arms. Piper discovers Bayley in the hallway, and advises him not to interact with Poussey's group, as they're not ready, though she understands that what he did was an accident.

The next morning, the women are horrified to find that Poussey's body hasn't been moved. They have breakfast outside while Taystee, Cindy and Watson hold a wake, though they find it hard to accept gifts from those outside of their group, considering the usual hostility they're subjected to. The crisis management team are refusing to let Caputo call the police, in order to give themselves the time to spin the story to avoid bad publicity. They are even doing all they can to dig up some dirt on Poussey so that they can portray her as being a lost cause. They use this time to tell Caputo that Judy King is being released, as they don't want a celebrity in the facility while they are in crisis mode. CO Humphrey then arrives at the prison, and after setting off the metal detector, he reveals that he is carrying a gun.

Big Boo and Doggett are putting screen up around Poussey's body while Abe stands watch. Despite Doggett speaking out against Abe in Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 4, Boo is angry at his presence and leaves the room. Abe and Doggett then kiss before he stops and lets her know that he needs to quit for both of their safety. Taystee is furious at Caputo that he hasn't called Poussey's family and even offers to help get around MCC who still has her files, but his answer is vague which leads her to start questioning his loyalty. Caputo confronts the crisis management team once again, and discovers that they have decided to blame Bayley for the incident, as Poussey was convicted for a non-violent crime. He is not comfortable with this conclusion, as he knows that Bayley is one of the few, kind COs in the prison.

Caputo then prepares to make a live statement on air which the team have written for him. Taystee hides behind her desk while he makes his speech. Caputo then decides to off-script, stating that a woman was accidentally killed inside the prison, that Litchifeld isn't taken seriously because it is a women's prison, and that Bayley will return after his investigation. Taystee is furious that Poussey's name was never mentioned and that Bayley will come back. She immediately rallies the inmates in anger to march in protest towards Caputo's office. The women collide with Judy King as she is leaving, accompanied by CO Humphrey and McCullough. Humphrey pulls out his gun and aims it at the women, only to have it knocked out of his hand. Daya picks it up and aims it at his face, while the rest of the inmates scream at her to pull the trigger.

This backstory of this episode is dedicated to Poussey, and the story of her first visit to New York with her friends before she was put in prison. After her phone gets snatched from her in a club, she chases the thief only to discover that she's lost her friends. As she asks a couple of drag queens for help, she crosses paths with Bayley and his friends, which is the show's subtle and tragic way of showing how corporate institutions have the ability to devalue and dehumanize innocent people. She eventually winds up inside an art club and meets people who are living in the moment, just like she is. She then gets a lift to her friends house with a group of Hare Krishnas, and as everyone disperses, Poussey looks to the camera and smiles. Our love for this character will never fade. Do you think that Poussey's death will be properly acknowledged in Orange Is The New Black Season 5?

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