Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 2 recap, Aleida fails her daughter

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Aleida made a big decision at the end of Orange Is The New Black Season 3 which permanently altered the course of her grandchild's life. But, will this new development mend bridges between her and Daya? Read our recap to see why we think not.

Aleida is in big trouble. At the end of Orange Is The New Black Season 3, Dayanara Diaz learned that her mother, Aleida, went behind her back and told Pornstache's mom, Delia Powell, that Daya's baby died during childbirth, because she didn't want her grandchild to be taken away from her. Interesting side note: When you look up 'selfish' in the dictionary, there's a picture of Aleida. Daya discovered this new development in the hospital after giving birth when the person who came to collect her baby was her mother's good-for-nothing boyfriend, and not the woman who was going to give her child a happy life.

This would have all been forgiven, had Cesar not been arrested at the end of the season, meaning that his and Aleida's children, along with Daya's daughter, were put into foster care. Flash forward to Season 4: Episode 2, when Daya hears this news and is furious with her mother, as she states: “Kids that go into the system is like flushing a goldfish down the toilet. They don’t swim back up.” Aleida does her best to convince Daya that Cesar will be let off the hook, except he does indeed get sent to jail. Whoops.

The last promo before Season 4 began teased that the new inmates of Litchfield were going to shake things up, and that is certainly the case in this episode. Just as Cindy (who recently converted to Judaism) is in the process of nailing a mezuza to the entrance of her stall, her new bunk mate, Abdullah who is Muslim, arrives and the two enter into a bickering contest, which results in an argument about shoes on the floor. Judy King, on the other hand, is living the high the life as she has been put in her own individual quarters and has requested a roommate that poses no threat whatsoever. Enter Yoga Jones, who is not happy about the situation. Red is losing her fabulous mind due to her bunk mate's snoring, and Sofia is still in the SHU (for her own safety of course), and is doing all she can to get out. Gloria, feeling a tad conflicted, calls her son, so that he can tell Sofia's wife that situation. Luckily, this causes Crystal to confront Caputo about the injustice he's inflicted on her spouse. We're not excusing his actions, but poor Caputo is trying his best.

Through the crowded bunks, a new celebrity inmate, and Sofia's injustice, a new storyline arises, a conflict between the Dominicans and the Caucasians. Maria is at the heart of this story, and her backstory reveals that she is the daughter of a Dominican drug lord, and so much of her life has meant that she has been running from danger, or the police. She renounced her heritage to her father when she was only a teenager, and this subsequently led to her banishment from his house. However, during an incident in the stairwell where Blanca is getting beaten up by two Caucasian women, Maria forces herself to return to her roots and join the other Latinas in the fight for equality. Selenis Levya, who plays Gloria, promised that Orange Is The New Black Season 4 will show "the rise of the Latinas." We can't wait to see what happens next! Do you think that Daya should forgive her mother?

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