Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 3 recap, Taystee is moving up in the world

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 3 sees Soso and Poussey have their first argument, Taystee moving on up, and Lolly coming unnervingly close to exposing Alex's secret. Here's our recap!

Taystee has joined the corporate world! After feeling especially swamped by the new responsibilities of his new job, Caputo took the plunge and hired the fan favourite as his very first assistant. However, when Taystee asks Caputo if she was hired because she won the job fair, Caputo unconvincingly says: "Sure," when in fact, he tells new head of security, Piscatela: “She’s the only semi-intelligent one that I’m only semi-attracted to.” We weren't particularly thrilled with that sentiment, but we're sure Caputo won't utter a single unwarranted comment to our girl. OITNB star Danielle Brooks has previously explained why we all love Taystee, and we're hoping to high heavens that she won't get taken away from us too soon into the world of business.

Morello and her husband get creative in the visitors room by finding a way to get around their lack of conjugal visits, and it's... uncomfortable. Meanwhile Orange Is The New Black Season 4 hinted towards 'the rise of the Latinas', and it seems as though the rise has begun. Piper has started losing employees of her panty-fetish business, more specifically Flaca and Maritza, and Piper suspects that Maria has something to do with it. Judy King is admired by some but loved by Poussey, who is the embodiment of a true fangirl in the presence of her idol. She gets embarrassed by her behavior and confides in Soso, (who takes it upon herself to talk to Judy King about Poussey, and asks Judy if she could invite her beloved over to join her for lunch.)

However, as we all know, Soso has a habit of putting her foot in her mouth from time to time, and tells Judy that Poussey grew up in a poor environment and is the daughter of a crackhead. When Poussey discovers what Brook said she is visibly ticked off. This episode tells Soso's backstory, where we see that rewriting the stories of others to make her life seem more dramatic just by being connected to them is a habit of hers. Luckily, she re-enacts the infamous scene from Say Anything and gives Poussey a very heartfelt apology, and all is forgiven. Poor Sophia is still in the SHU, and is working on getting moved back into the main part of the prison.

Lolly, along with a few other inmates, spot a drone floating above them outside in the yard. This of course, leads her to believe that the CIA has found her after she saved Alex and seemingly murdered the prison guard (when in fact she failed and it was Alex who murdered him good and proper). Therefore Lolly begins to dig for the parts of the guard's body in the yard. Fortunately, Red and Alex see what's going on, and Alex does all she can to do try to stop her before the guards get involved. Frieda calms Lolly down by reassuring her that she moved the pieces of body somewhere else (she didn't really). Just as the situation begins to subside and Lolly walks back to the prison, Frieda says to Alex: “We’re gonna have to kill her.” For all the latest news and updates for Orange Is The New Black, click the green subscribe button below! What did you make of "(Don't)Say Anything"?

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