Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 4 recap, Doggett speaks out

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 4 sees Doggett speak out against Abe's actions, Sofia gets moved from one cell into another, and we explore the troubled past of Mr. Healy. Here's our recap!

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 4 "Doctor Psycho", is by far and away the most heart-wrenching installment of the season thus far. Sofia has seen better days, let's just say that. The poor thing is still locked up in the SHU and has even missed her son's birthday. In an attempt to get moved out of her cell and back into the main prison, Sophia puts a towel in her toilet and flushes repeatedly so that her cell floods, deeming it to be unsafe by the guards. When this attempt is unrecognized, she instead breaks the light bulb in her room and causes a fire, using her mattress as kindle, so that the entire block is evacuated, giving us a glimpse at our girl Nicky (she's back!).

Frieda is not letting up about plotting to murder Lolly, which is unnerving Alex. Red sits the three of them down, and they realize that Lolly cannot keep the secret of the murdered hit-man buried in the garden. Red declares that they do in fact, have to kill her. However, during one of Lolly's freak-out episodes, Piscatella starts taking her away to the psych ward before Mr. Healy, who is the focus of this episode, intervenes and takes Lolly into his care. We discover through his flashback that he feels the need to help women with mental issues because of his guilt for not helping his own mother with her problems. Kate Mulgrew recently promised some action between Red and Healy, but we're wondering if it'll be a fight for Lolly, or something more. Healy also decided to get in Judy King's good books and organize a cooking class so that she can use her famous skills and help the women improve their abilities in the kitchen. Judy has no desire to teach a class, but does it anyway. She then demands that she be moved to another counselor. Cold Judy, cold.

Aleida is up for an early release, and for reasons which we have trouble understanding, Daya is sad about this news, while there's also a glint in her eye that she'll be able to get out from under her mother's shadow. However, the scene in this episode that really brings home a lot of truths about our society's views on sexual harassment is when Doggett finally, sadly talks to Abe about the way he made her feel. The fact that he did rape her, something that he was not prepared to hear leads him to protest: “But I love you. I told you that. And I said it. So, that makes it different.” To which Doggett replies: “That doesn’t feel any different.” In the lead up to OITNB Season 4, it looked like Pennsatucky would continue to evolve into the new woman she's become this season. Do you think that Doggett should forgive Abe?

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