Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 5 recap, Piper loses control

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 5 sees Litchfield running drastically low on essentials, Maritza gets caught, and Piper creates chaos! Check out our recap to find out why Caputo will always have Baltimore.

Ever wonder what would happen if over a hundred women in one place all got their period at the same time, and had no supplies to help them through the ordeal? Well, Episode 5 of Orange Is The New Black, gives a worrying insight into what many women around the world have to contend with on a monthly basis. Litchfield has run out of tampons, and any that are floating around the inmates' supply drawers are being sold for ten bucks a pop, which calls for some reluctant improvisation. Caputo and Linda from Purchasing go to a correctional facility convention called CorrectiCon in Baltimore, to see what they can do raise stock levels back at the prison. So far this season, Linda has been a tough one to figure out, and as we've gotten to know her character, we can completely understand Caputo's attraction to her, but there must be a catch somewhere, right? The one moment that had us screaming at our screens was when the pair walked right past a stall for menstrual cups, which would solve all of their financial and hygiene problems!

In Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 3, Taystee moved on up in the world as Caputo's secretary. Taking advantage of her boss' absence, she does some snooping and discovers that the drone which previously caused Lolly to have a full scale freak out, was sent by a tabloid newspaper to spy on Judy King. Once she discovers that the media is referring to the celebrity as the 'Mother Theresa of Litchfield,' Taystee starts plotting how she can use this information to her advantage. While at CorrectiCon, Linda's panel is interrupted by Danny Pearson, who was the former Director of Human Activities before being replaced by Caputo. We all rooted for Danny as he stood up for Sophia after she was thrown in the SHU, but he was of course fired because as Orange Is The New Black always reminds us, the prison system is corrupt. Danny is subsequently removed from the panel, and Caputo and Linda get it on. Our opinion of Linda immediately starts to crumble away as Caputo tells her he wants the inmates' lives to be more full, to which she corrects him: "Feel full." This show is worryingly good at writing evil characters!

Finally we have a back story for Maritza! Before she put on the flattering orange get up, she first worked in a night club as a hostess, and was then recruited to do some big-time hustling by working as a con-artist's assistant. She would pretend to work as a car dealership employee, and after taking single men on a test drive, she would then simply drive away with the car. That is of course, until she inevitably got caught. Meanwhile, Chapman declared herself 'gangsta' in the Orange Is The New Black Season 4 premiere, however that now seems to be falling to pieces. Piper tries to reduce the risk of losing her panty fetish business to Maria's growing organisation, by encouraging Piscatella to begin exercising some anti-gang practices. Of course, in her own foolish way, she accidentally creates a White Lives Matter gang. Which of the prison gangs are you currently siding with?

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