Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 6 recap, look who's back!

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Things are getting darker in Litchfield, as Nicky is almost pushed to the point of no return. Piper starts to realise the consequences of her actions, and a new influx of substances are about to get on the wrong side of the prison wall. Here's our Orange Is The New Black Episode 6 recap.

At the end of Orange Is The New Black Season 3, we were worried that Nicky was gone for good, but now her storyline dominates Episode 6 and all we want to do it help. A lot of this episode takes places in the Maximum Security Prison, where Nicky is working cleaning cells. She has been awarded a chip for kicking her heroin habit once and for all, something that none of us ever thought would be possible, only to have it taken away from her because it's contraband. Typical. We previously speculated about whether the allusive Stella's fate would be kept under wraps during Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black, but it seems that she and Nicky have been able to spend quite a bit of time together in MAX. However, when Nicky sees a prison guard drop heroin at Stella's feet, she is deemed too toxic to spend time with. Luckily, Nicky is there for Sophia when she needs it most. While mopping the floor in SHU, Nicky gives Sophia a copy of Newsweek, telling her to read every word in as much detail as she can, thinking that this will help her state of mind. However, Nicky later finds Sophia's cell covered in blood, with the destroyed, torn magazine on the bed.

Officer Luschek and Judy King have sparked an unlikely friendship. Under her recommendation, he goes to visit Nicky in MAX and makes a shoddy attempt at an apology, which only worsens Nicky's opinion of him. Not only does Luschek's visit not help her, it also reminds Nicky that she is completely alone in the world, without heroin to distract her from her troubles. Luckily, Judy uses her connections and finances to get Nicky out of MAX and back into Litchfield (yay!), mainly because she doesn't want her new friend to turn himself in. However, this comes at the cost of sexual favours from the prison guard. At the end of the episode, unaware that she will be going back to Litchfield, Nicky is seen giving up on her efforts, as she goes down a dark hallway with a guard, who holds a bag of heroin in exchange for a little something. Prison staff are the absolute worst this season, with the slight exception of Healy and Caputo. Nicky's storyline overrides this transitional episode, and makes us all the more relieved that she will be back with her prison family sooner rather than later.

After Piscatella calls Piper up for her panty-fetish business, she turns Maria in order to rid herself of the competition. Instead of getting sent to the SHU, Piscatella informs Maria that she will be given between three and five additional years to her sentence. This all leads up to the best line of the episode when she confronts Piper and says with a tone of murderous hate: "I am going to bury you." This also causes her to decide with her crew that the best thing to do would be to start selling drugs. This is terrible timing for Nicky, who will be arriving back at Litchfied any day now. On a lighter note, Cindy and Alison have stopped fighting after agreeing on one thing, their opinion about Scientology, meaning that Alison is welcomed into the group with open arms. For the latest news and updates on Orange Is The New Black click the green subscribe button below. What do you think of Orange Is The New Black Season 4 so far?

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