Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 7 recap, Lolly and Healy strike up an unlikely friendship

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Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 7 sees Nicky slip back into her old ways, Lolly begins to get the help she needs, and Piper's reckless choices come back to bite her. Read on for our recap!

Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 7 "It Sounded Nicer In My Head", sees Lolly heading down a path from which she may not be able to return. We finally get flashbacks of the erratic and endearing inmate. Lolly's backstory starts when she was working as a journalist for a newspaper, but was fired for turning in articles on the subject of the CIA and general government corruption instead of what was actually assigned. She then became homeless, selling cups of coffee and was inevitably arrested. The problem that Lolly's backstory highlights is the stigma surrounding the mentally ill and that far too often they end up in prison, rather than getting the help they need.

This episode also ties back to Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 5, where Piper lost control of her business, and Healy's backstory showed his need to help the mentally ill, because he neglected to help his own mother with her problems. Lolly starts building a time machine, and instead of Healy preventing her efforts, he allows her to continue. She tells him about the voices in her head and says: “I know they’re not real. But that don’t mean they have nothing to say." As much as we know Lolly needs help, for the moment we're just glad she has Healy.

As we saw from Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 6, Nicky is finally back! Red throws her a party and everyone is invited but Piper because she's become even more of a self-centered nuisance then ever. During the party, Nicky manages to get some heroin, as the final moments from the previous episode saw her falling off the wagon in order to cope with her loneliness. However, Nicky manages to tell the women inside about Sophia, which gives some comfort to Gloria and Sister Ingalls, but also they fear for her safety and well-being.

In Episode 2, Aleida found out that she was getting an early release, but it is only filling her with worry about how difficult life will be outside of prison. Judy comforts Aleida by encouraging her skills as a manicurist. While the idea of starting a nail salon is lovely, the other women around her, especially Daya, can't help but speculate and warn Aleida that she is in for a lot of hard work. Caputo recently proposed an education program for the women so that their lives would be more full. However, Linda and the corporate team took out math, English and science from his plan, and instead replaced it with construction work. Linda gets worse every time we see her.

In the previous episode, Piper created a wave of hate which is now ready to crash in her pretty, little face. She sold out Maria's panty business in order to wipe out the competition, but in turn, it effectively landed Maria with three to five more years in prison. Not only that, she also created a white supremacy gang, which she still hasn't shown any signs of trying to disband. After recruiting her new bunk mate, Stephanie Hapakuka, as her bodyguard, Piper metaphorically stabs her in the back when she discreetly says that she won't be able to return the favour and keep her safe. It then comes as no surprise when Stephanie swiftly turns around and hands Piper over to the Dominicans who want revenge. Once in their possession, they burn a swastika symbol into Piper's arm. As absolutely horrible of an act as it is, we here at melty can't help but think that Piper most definitely had it coming. We're wondering just who she'll turn to now. Did this episode make you feel bad for Piper, or do you think that she deserved it?

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