Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 9 recap, Blanca causes a stir

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You will never look at a baby mouse the same way again after watching Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 9, and it may also encourage you to shower less. Read our recap to catch up on everything that's going down in Litchfield Prison.

Episode 9 of Orange Is The New Black is so full of storylines it might burst open. So, we'll ease into the lighter matters by starting with Morello. The last time we saw her, she was convinced that her husband had cheated on her with her sister, and it seems as though she is going further down the path of jealousy. Of course, given Lorna's track record, we're inclined to think that it may be all in her head. However, the way her sister is speaking seems to be a bit too smug for comfort. Meanwhile Sister Ingalls is still trying to come up with ways to get thrown into the SHU in order to make contact with Sophia, therefore she resolves to punch Gloria in the face, which does the trick quite nicely.

Taystee, Alison, Cindy and Suzanne finally get the tabloid picture of Judy King they always wanted, and it just happens to be a picture of Cindy and Judy locking lips. When Judy and Cindy are called into Caputo's office, it is of course in their best interest to tell him that they are a couple. Goodness knows, Judy needs the good press after a terrible, racist video of her leaked online moments after she entered Litchfield. Aleida prepares to leave the prison, and in doing so, she tells Gloria to look after Daya and that she is now her prison mother. Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 2 saw Aleida fail her daughter, and we're starting to believe that getting her children and grandchild back will be her number one priority.

In Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Episode 4 Doggett spoke to Abe about the rape situation, but now Doggett and Boo are at the point of losing their friendship for good. Doggett tells Boo about Abe's apology, which wasn't terrible, but for blatantly obvious reasons, left us feeling very conflicted. Boo sees the situation in much more black and white terms and in her fury, says: “That’s not how this works.” To which Doggett replies: “What if he‘s just like a regular person who made a mistake?” At this moment she refers back to herself and other women in the prison, most of whom have made terrible choices and mistakes. Boo tries to bring Doggett down to Earth by emphasizing that Abe's action is something that he needs to pay for, for the rest of his life, just as they will always have a criminal record, and he should never be forgiven. Boo walks away with the words that their friendship will be over if Pennsatucky ever gives Abe the time of day.

Blanca has always been characterized for being feisty and for not having the greatest personal hygiene. These two aspects only increase when she notices that the worse she smells, the less likely the guards will frisk her. She brings the rest of her crew on board with the plan, and before you know it they're putting fish oil wherever they can. Finally, viewers are rewarded with Blanca's backstory. She was a live-in carer for a racist, rude, elderly woman, and after a little while, she started a romance with the gardener. Upon discovering their relationship, the gardener was fired. Furious at this turn of evens, Blanca gets back at her boss by having raucous sex on the chair in the woman's bedroom, thus waking her up. This act of defiance, during which Blanca makes sure that she maintains eye-contact with her boss, comes out to play in a different way during her confrontation with the guards, who force her to stand up on a table in the cafeteria as punishment for not showering. However, it's clear to the guards, that humiliation will not work on her and their efforts are futile.

The most disturbing moment of the episode involves Maritza. CO Humphrey has got wise on Maria's drug business, and that it's Maritza who is transporting the contraband. During lunch in the cafeteria, Flaca and Maritza are playing a game of 'Would You Rather', where, with a theoretical gun to their head, they have to chose between eating one of two disgusting things. When Humphrey overhears Maritza giving Flaca the option of eating ten dead flies or a baby mouse, Humphrey chooses this moment to let Maritza know that he's onto her. The next time Maritza takes the guards to their housing facility, Humphrey brings her inside and presents her with a shot glass containing a pink, wriggly mouse surrounded by dead flies. At the point where Maritza thinks he's joking, Humphrey puts his gun to her head and forces her to choose. What happens next is unsure, but in the next scene we see of Maritza, she is throwing up. Do you think anything would come of Maritza telling the guards about CO Humphrey's actions?

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