Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Red-y, set, go! What's next for inmate Reznikov?

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Great news: our weekly OITNB column is back! This week we take a look at Kate Mulgrew's Red. Where do we see Season 4 taking her? Read on to find out

Galina Reznikov is an enigmatic woman but, without a shadow of a doubt, she's one of our absolute fave Litchfield inmates. Red is always on hand to provide a belly laugh just when it's most needed, but her story also contains a healthy dose of tragedy - the perfect Orange Is The New Black recipe, wouldn't you say? With Season 4's release not for another four months yet, we are reprising our OITNB Character Column (our last subject was Gloria), and we'll hopefully decipher a little more about what to expect come June. To summarise Red's tale of woe would take more paragraphs than we have, so let's put it this way: organised crime on the outside, top chef on the inside. There may be a few details that we've skated over, but we've covered more or less everything there... Anyway, as Season 3 drew to a close last summer, Red had been reinstated as the Head Chef, and things were looking up (discounting the grimbledore ingredients she had to work with). So what's next for Red? Could Judy King's addition to the fold cause some tension?

The Judy King story could make for a fascinating dynamic in the Litchfield kitchen this year. Think about it; Red takes great pride in being the best chef in that dour institution, so the introduction of a fully-qualified, big-name TV chef will definitely put a cat amongst the pigeons. All the other inmates will (understandably) want Judy instated as cook-extraordinaire, but if there's one thing Red doesn't like, it's being ignored. Kate Mulgrew's Russian A-Bomb craves recognition, and if she don't get it, you gon' regret it. Remember aaaaall the way back in Season 1 when Piper, still wearing that fabulous orange, criticised the quality of the food in prison? Yep, she was starved out for days and days by Red and her band of merry cookers. Don't be surprised if something similar happens this time round. So far, Red's contribution to Orange Is The New Black (beside being just plain brilliant) has been characterised by heavy peaks and troughs. She may be on top of the (prison) world right now, but will she stay there?

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