Orange Is The New Black Season 4: Ruby Rose thought Stella was in Litchfield to kill Alex

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Ruby Rose's Orange Is The New Black character was all kinds of crazy - that's why we loved her so much! However, the actress herself thought Stella was there to do an altogether different job

We don't know about you at home, but we wouldn't mess with many of the inmates in Litchfield prison... Gloria, for example, would snap us in half and have us running home to our mummies in five minutes sharp - don't deny it, there's no need to be embarrassed! Ruby Rose's Stella is another of the Orange Is The New Black cast members who makes us more than a little wary. Sure, she's unbelievably attractive, but that girl knows how to fight, and she sure as hell knows how to win dirty. Rose was recently in the AOL hot seat to reflect on the "greatest year" of her life so far, and she described how OITNB has given her "friends that I'll have with me for the rest of my life," before admitting that it was breaking into the American market which put the cherry on top of an already very appetising cake: "Getting to work with that level of talent in all sectors for my biggest role ever in the States is nothing short of a blessing," she shared. She also admitted that, despite being the bitchiest of bitches in front of the camera, the girls are actually best of buddies: "The quintessential thing on that show is that all of the women support each other. That's the biggest difference between that show and some other shows that are out there: It's not a common thing for a show that has that many women," she noted.

Rose then went on to explain how filming works in OITNB-land. With the cast and crew only receiving their scripts week by week, she shared the conspiracy theory that her character had been sent to Litchfield in order to kill off Alex Vause: "The other thing is that, because we only get the scripts a week at a time, you never knew what's going to happen [with your character]. We would sit and have these conspiracy theories about what was happening, and at one point we were all convinced that my character was in there to kill Laura Prepon's character [Alex Vause]. You just don't know until you get the next script. It was the most amazing experience of my life." True, Stella didn't kill Alex, but the latter ended Season 3 is a sticky situation regardless (at the mercy of the drug lord, Kubra). Laverne Cox recently teased that 2016's OITNB would go "deeper" than ever before, but in what way, do you think? And, more importantly, will Stella even be involved? Rose's character was sent off to MAX in "Trust No Bitch," but that surely can't mean we've seen the last of her - the Piper / Alex / Stella triangle still has legs in it! What do you think?

Source: AOL