Orange Is The New Black Season 4, scenes we'd like to see (mark 2.0)

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June is still a remarkably long way away... With Orange Is The New Black news very thin on the ground, we decided to have another think about some of the scenes we'd like to see during Season 4

A little while ago we wrote an article describing some of the scenes we'd like to see during Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black. You all thought it was very interesting, and it appeared that you shared a lot of our hopes and wishes for next year's OITNB return! But we had by no means exhausted our supply of OITNB musings, so we decided to dip our feet into the 'scenes we'd like to see' pool once again. Have a read and tell us what you think! First of all, we would love to see an escalation of the Gloria-Red kitchen feud. When we first visited Litchfield three years ago Red was the prison queen, she ruled the kitchen, and she commanded unrivalled respect from the other inmates. However, the 'Spanish Inquisition' fought to usurp her throughout Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3, and it looked like Red had been chewed up and spit out by the American penitentiary system. But what did we learn last year? Never rule out Galina Reznikov! Everyone's favorite Russian redhead come roaring back, culminating in an intense war of words between two of the fiercest women within Litchfield. But will Gloria sit down and accept Red's victory? We hope not - the prospect of a prison fight between them too is just too enticing!

Secondly, is it just us who'd love to see more of Healy and his wife? It has been a relatively back-seat plot throughout Season 1-3 of OITNB - the lonely man desperately trying to fix his marriage with a Ukrainian mail-order bride - but the insight it has given us into why Healy is the way that he is has been truly fascinating. In fact, given the additional screen time it has provided Kate Mulgrew's character, we certainly wouldn't complain if the OITNB writers wanted to explore Healy's marriage further! Finally, it would be great if Season 4 took us back to the show's debut season by exploring Piper and Suzanne's relationship. Crazy Eyes has of course come on leaps and bounds since she followed around her "Dandelion," stalking her every move. We reckon the script writers have the perfect opportunity next year to plan a coming-together between these two characters, something that leaves Suzanne up on cloud nine, whilst Piper languishes beneath the weight of her failure. It's about time Piper got what's coming to her - why can't it be Suzanne that dishes out the punishment? Do you agree? Are these scenes that you would like to see as well?

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