Orange Is The New Black Season 4 spoiler photos tease trouble

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Life in Litchfield has never exactly been easy, but these spoiler photos tease a whole new wave of chaos for the ladies behind bars when OITNB returns in June

There are less than three months remaining until Piper and co. return to our screens for a fourth season of Orange Is The New Black, and the excitement is slowly building! The OITNB team has been working hard to produce a slew of 'hype trailers',including one that referenced the Oscars, but what we really want to see is concrete Season 4 footage. How will Alex find her way back to Litchfield? How will Taystee cope with life on the outside? How will pro chef Judy King's arrival affect Red's control over her kitchen? Well the latest spoiler photo release may go some way to helping us answer those questions. Courtesy of VanDAM, there are nine brand new sneak peeks of OITNB Season 4, featuring Red, Piper, Suzanne, and even Alex. We've gathered a selection of snapshots for you below. Check them out and tell us what you think! They tease danger, confrontation, and a whole load of drama; in other words, the OITNB staple recipe.

The first of our snapshots sees Piper pinned down in the kitchen. Goodness only know what she's done to upset the Litchfield Latinas, but given the gag in her mouth and the wrench rapping her knuckles, we can assume it's pretty serious... Meanwhile, we get our first glimpse of Judy King, who appears to have taken command of the kitchen alongside (interestingly) Poussey. We're very curious to see how Judy and Red's relationship plays out - we all know how precious inmate Reznikov gets over her prized kitchen - so this could be a fun story to follow! The third photo we've chosen depicts a defeated Sophia leant up against her cell door. Her hair has changed drastically, and never has somebody looked so depressed. We can only assume that the hurtful hate crime we witnessed in Season 3's finale continues to haunt Sophia. Maybe solitary is the safest place for her? Anyway, there are several other spoiler photos to feast your eyes on, and if you want your first glimpse of Season 4 Alex, we thoroughly recommend you check them out! What do you think of the photos?

Source: VanDAM / Netflix