Pretty Little Liars, another Season 7 trailer teases Hanna hanging from the rafter!

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A new trailer for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has been released, which teases what happened to Hanna. From the looks of it she's hanging from the church's rafters. Keep reading for details and to watch!

Pretty Little Liars returns in just over a month for Season 7, which sadly might be its last. However, we're holding out hope that the show's forerunner Marlene King and the cast will keep going after this season. We recently wrote about the first trailer for PLL Season 7 that was released and teased what the Liars will be up against when the show returns in June. There will be some new heat in town for the upcoming season, as it was revealed that Nicholas Gonzalez is joining the PLL cast as a detective who will be investigating open homicides in Rosewood. We're guessing that he and the Liars will be crossing paths in regards to the investigation of Charlotte's murder. Mary Drake will feature heavily going forward as the mystery surrounding her existence and motives are slowly unraveled. We are eager to find out why she wants to ruin her niece's life and if Alison will manage to break out of the psychiatric hospital.

A new trailer for Season 7 has been released, which lends some explanation as to what happened to Hanna after Uber A kidnapped her. The clip opens with Caleb and the gang bursting into the cabin where she was last seen. We then see Hanna alone in a room lying unconscious with a bouquet of roses on her chest. Mona and Caleb are in a car together and she is talking to someone on the phone and says: "Look, A.D. gave us 24 hours." Caleb then remarks: "The clock is ticking." Then, the entire group is standing outside the church in Rosewood at night and Aria reads out a text from her phone that says: "The bell tolls for Hanna." Mary Drake makes her returns and declares: "Many families have secrets. Sometimes those secrets are actual people." We then see Ali waking up in the psychiatric hospital she checked herself into at the end of last season. The trailer ends with the group in a dark room and they scream as they see a blond girl dangling from the rafters. We can't see her face, but it's clear that she's supposed to be Hanna. Although we don't think it's really her, they wouldn't kill off Hanna, would they? For more Pretty Little Liars updates click the green subscribe button below! Do you think it's Hanna hanging from the rafters?

Source: Twitter: @PLLTVSeries