Pretty Little Liars: Marlene King unveils Season 7's themes

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Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars is just around the corner and showrunner Marlene King has been busy teasing new info to get fans even more excited than we already are

Pretty Little Liars returns to our screens later this month and we are finding it difficult to contain our anticipation. There's a lot of exciting things in store for PLL Season 7, including a wedding and the return of Tammin Sursok's Jenna. Yahoo! TV reports that showrunner Marlene King has revealed two of the prevalent themes coursing through Season 7's veins. "There are two themes that we’ve been really exploring in Season 7. One is that it feels like this is a season of homecomings. It’s also a season of reunions.” Now we know what you're all thinking: Ezria! Haleb! Emison! And possibly even Spoby! We don't expect all the former couples (flirtations, in Emily and Alison's case) to get back together, but we're really rooting for Ezria. Here at melty we also can't wait to see how Caleb will feel and act towards Spencer after learning that Hanna never wanted to break up with him and the exes shared that passionate kiss in the Season 6 finale.

Season 7 unofficially seems to be the final season of Pretty Little Liars and if it is, King wants them to go out with a bang! The showrunner shared: “We wanted to make it the most dynamic and the most fun and the most romantic and in some ways, most twisted and the best season of the show ever, filled with WTFs and OMGs. We want to deliver a season that fans will be talking about for many, many years and hopefully feel very satisfied with the very dynamic ending we’re going to give them.”

King has promised that the upcoming season will move at a much quicker pace, with big reveals in nearly every episode. And of course this includes a new super villain, Uber A - whom we and the PLLs like to refer to as A-moji. King said: "Uber A is the smartest, most twisted, and in some ways, loves the game more than any of the other As.” Who could they be?! We've already had the twin twist with Mrs. DiLaurentis' secret evil twin, Mary Drake. Mary and Elliot Rollins, may be working with Uber A, but we're just itching to discover the identity of this new person behind the emojis. Take our Pretty Little Liars Season 6 quiz to find out if you're ready for the June 21 Season 7 premiere! Which couple are you hoping to see back together?

Source: Yahoo! TV