Pretty Little Liars Season 6: Episode 13 trailer, Spencer has a crush, Ezra shows his dark side

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The trailer for Episode 13 of Pretty Little Liars gives more insight into how the Liars and their exes have changed in five years and not all of it is pretty. Read on for more info and to watch the clip

Last week's Pretty Little Liars raised a lot of new questions and had us raising our eyebrows at the actions of some of the original characters. If you haven't watched Episode 12 of PLL to see what's new in Rosewood, you can read our recap here. Before the episode even aired, we knew from PLL's trailer for Episode 12 that Aria would be questioned about her whereabouts on the night that Charlotte was killed. It turns out that she snuck out of the hotel suite to meet up with Ezra. After explaining herself to the girls, the suspicion then turned to Ezra and what he did that night after he parted ways with Aria. His location and actions are being called into question around the time of Charlotte's death and as we saw in the episode, when he and Aria saw Charlotte out in town in the middle of the night he became enraged. So far, it's not looking great for Ezra's innocence. We've known Ezra since the beginning of PLL and it's hard to believe he could really be capable of murder. Yet again, five years have passed, he's developed a bit of a drinking problem and he is still reeling from the abduction of his girlfriend. Maybe he's no longer the Ezra we once knew.

The trailer for Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars looks so good. Spencer's sister Melissa is back in town and after viewing the interaction between her little sister and Caleb, she has some questions. Judging from the doe-eyed look in Spencer's eyes during last week's episode, we are also curious about Spencer and Caleb's relationship. Melissa asks: "When did that happen?" Spencer defensively responds that they are just friends. Melissa quickly retorts: "Maybe you're more comfortable with lying than you think." We then see clips of Spencer and Caleb looking at each other longingly, while Hanna asks Spencer: "Do you have feelings for..." but she doesn't finish her question. Switching gears, Spencer asks Caleb what he first thought of when he heard that Charlotte had been killed. He asks if she means who does he think did it. We then see Ezra, who's looking very shady after last week's episode. Hanna is then shown yelling to Aria: He needs to own up to what he did!" Ezra responds, while looking at Aria and says: "The person who made your life a living hell, I am not going to say I'm sorry that they are dead, cause I am not." He turns towards the rest of the Liars and screams: "Get out! Now!" All four of them look shocked and terrified. We are too, having never seen this side of Ezra before. For more Pretty Little Liars updates click the green subscribe button below! Do you think Ezra has something to hide or is he rightfully offended by the Liars' accusation?

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