Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 1 recap, the search for Hanna is on!

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The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived: Pretty Little Liars is back in action baby! Here's our recap of the intense Season 7 premiere.

At last, Pretty Little Liars has returned for what might possibly be its final season. The premiere picks up with Emily, Aria and Spencer digging a grave. They are visibly upset about what's transpired that has led to them to be doing this, but Spencer declares it's what Hanna would want. We then back up to four days earlier, Caleb wants Toby to speak to the cops and report Hanna's kidnapping, but Spencer worries about it jeopardizing Toby's job, as teased in the PLL Season 7 premiere sneak peek. It seems like both Caleb and Spencer are both prioritizing their exes. The group then sees Mary Drake walk into the police department. They realize that Allison really wasn't hallucinating her mother and something fishy is going on with this woman. Toby goes inside and Mary Drake explains that she is the new owner of the Lost Woods Resort and she wants to report a break in. She also confirms that she is Jessica DiLaurentis' sister, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

When Toby shares this with the others, Mona reveals that Mary Drake is Charlotte's biological mother. The PLLs then receive a text from the mysterious A.D., which leads them to search for Hanna in the church. They find Hanna hanging from the rafters and believe her to be dead until realizing that it's just a dummy wearing a super realistic looking face mask. A recording tells the group that they have 24 hours to turn over Charlotte's killer or Hanna dies. The gang heads back to Spencer's house to try to crack the case, and it turns out that most of them think Alison murdered her sister. Aria recounts that the night of Charlotte's murder she saw someone someone go into the church wearing a red jacket. At first she thought it was Charlotte, but now thinks it was Alison. If the ladies can find the jacket it would seemingly prove that Alison is Charlotte's killer. Aria and Ezra head to Ali's house to look for a red jacket, Caleb and Mona tail Mary Drake, while Spencer and Toby search the Lost Woods Resort for clues.

Meanwhile Emily goes to the mental institution to tell Dr. Rollins about their Mary Drake discovery and try to get Alison out of there. Elliot really plays up Alison's psychotic break, and it doesn't really help when Ali has a fit and "needs" to be sedated. Later on when Alison wakes back up, Emily overhears her apologize for what she's done. After buying bleach, charcoal and vinegar Caleb and Mona follow Mary, who heads to Spencer's house. Caleb warns Spencer not to open the door, but Spencer doesn't see the text and ends up inviting Mary inside. Luckily Mary doesn't try to harm Spencer, but she does subliminally let Spence know that she needs to watch out. Aria isn't sure what she wants out of her relationship with Ezra. There's clearly still feelings there, but she's also thinking about her relationship with Liam. Despite not knowing what she wants, Aria shows up on Ezra's doorstep and spends the night with him.

Emily sneaks in to Alison's house to search for the red jacket and ends up finding it in a box of clothes that are going to be sent to goodwill. She brings the jacket back to the others and tells them that Ali seemingly admitted to killing Charlotte, although Emily didn't want to believe it before. Just as the 24-hour time-frame is running out Caleb delivers the jacket to the Lost Woods Resort and texts A.D. that Alison is Charlotte's killer. (We're just going to throw this out there and say that we think A.D. stands for Another Drake. Might it be Jason DiLaurentis who is set to return in Season 7?) A.D. goes to retrieve Hanna from her confinement, but she is no where to be found. Hanna discovered a way out and escaped, only to run right into Mary Drake. Uh-oh. The episode ends with Elliot revealing his true British identity to Alison as he injects her with something that won't kill her, but will definitely make her suffer. What did you think about the Season 7 premiere?

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