Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 2 recap, Mary's in the mix

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Episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars sees Hanna reunite with her friends, but unfortunately Alison does not have the same luck. Mary Drake also becomes more involved in the PLLs' lives. Find out what went down with our "Uber A" recap.

The Season 7 premiere saw the Pretty Little Liars, Mona, Caleb, Ezra and Toby all work together to find and save Hanna. A.D. gave the group 24 hours to find Charlotte's killer and just as the time ran out Caleb texted the tormentor to say that Alison is guilty. Meanwhile Hanna managed to escape from her prison and ran out into the road to find a car that would take her back to civilization and safety. However the one car she managed to flag down is being driven by Mary Drake. Check out our PLL Season 7: Episode 1 recap if you missed it.

Hanna hasn't met Jessica DiLaurentis' twin yet, but we knew from the PLL Episode 2 trailer that Hanna gets in Mary's car. Surprisingly Mary drops Hanna off at Spencer's house unharmed. The group then fills Hanna in on all the details about Mary, and that they think it was Allison who murdered Charlotte. Once alone Hanna and Caleb address the kiss they shared at the Lost Woods Resort, and chalk it up to going back to what they used to be only for a minute.

Emily receives a phone call from Alison and it's evident that she's not doing okay inside the Welby sanitarium. Emily, Spencer and Aria show up to talk to Alison, but Elliot refuses to admit them, saying that only family is allowed to see her. Elliot claims that he's talk to Jason, who thinks that Ali's treatments are a good idea, but also declares that he's not letting Mary Drake see Ali because he's afraid of how she will react. Aria fills Ezra in on the latest developments and he's surprised that Elliot has spoken with Jason, because according to Toby no one has been able to get a hold of Ali's brother.

As Hanna signs papers to become a partner of the new project Lucas is working on, we get a flashback of how Hanna and Jordan first met. Hanna surprises Jordan at his office and wants to buy him a drink at the bar where they first met. However when they get there the bar is closed down and Hanna completely flips out. She ends up giving Jordan her engagement ring back, and it looks like the couple is over.

Liam comes to Rosewood to tell Aria that he'll be editing the book that she and Ezra are working on, but not before Aria hastily breaks up with him. This is certainly going to be an awkward situation. Poor Liam sees Aria and Ezra holding hand before a book meeting he has with Ezra. During the meeting Liam 'constructively criticizes' Ezra's character, calling him predatory, but we all know that Liam is really talking about Ezra personally and not his writing. After Ezra tells Aria about the meeting, Aria confronts Liam about how he treated Ezra. Liam asks if Aria was seduced by Ezra when he was her teacher and instead of lying about it she admits the truth, declaring that she is the person she is because of it and she likes who she is.

Mary pays Spencer a visit to check on how Hanna's doing after her kidnapping. Talk between them turns to Alison and Mary reveals that she's been in a situation very similar to her niece, in that she was a patient at Radley. Mary tells a whole sob story about Jessica killing a child she was babysitting when she was 14 and then pinning it on Mary. That's how Mary ended up in Radley - for something she didn't even do. We almost want to feel sorry for Mary, but we don't entirely believe her story. Later on at The Radley Emily runs into Mary, who is quite shocked to see how much the place has changed. Emily mentions that she's tried visiting Alison at Welby, but wasn't allowed to see her. Mary hasn't had much luck either, but she suggests that the two of them go together to try to speak to Ali.

Emily and Mary go to Welby and Alison is seemingly talking nonsense to Emily. But just as she's about to reveal Elliot's true nature, the devil himself walks into the room and kicks Emily and Mary out. Elliot asks to have a word with Mary in private and says that her being there is not part of the plan. Mary counters by saying that what Elliot is doing "to that poor girl" isn't part of the plan either. So maybe Mary Drake actually has some feelings after all! Emily texts the other ladies to tell them that Ali is worse off than when she first entered the sanitarium and there's something going on between Mary and Elliot.

In other news Spencer gets fired from her job in Washington D.C. and then questions whether she and Caleb did something wrong by getting together. Caleb says that what they had is real, but talks about their relationship in the past tense. The episode ends with someone spiking Alison's medicine and then rolling her bed out of the sanitarium. How do you think Ali's going to make it out of this one alive?

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