Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 3 recap, Elliot gets what's coming to him

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Elliot's dark side comes to a head in Episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars as he continues to manipulate and torture Alison, but let's just say that karma is a b*tch. Here's our recap of "The Talented Mr. Rollins".

The previous episode of Pretty Little Liars saw Emily try to visit Ali in the sanitarium only to be repeatedly denied by Elliot, while Aria and Ezra have seemingly gotten back together and Hanna broke off her engagement with Jordan. Catch up with our PLL Season 7: Episode 2 recap if you missed it. Episode 3 beings with Hanna putting on a fake engagement ring she bought to hide her break up from her friends. Aria walks into the room and sees the bruises that Hanna's acquired from A.D.'s kidnapping on her back, but Hanna refuses to talk about it. Emily tells the ladies about Elliot and Mary Drake's conversation, and is convinced that they know each other. The PLLs know that Mary is working with a man, so it must be him. They realize that Elliot won't allow them to see Alison at Welby so they don't see what he's doing to her.

At Welby Elliot walks into Alison's room and sees that she's not in her bed. As teased in the PLL Episode 3 trailer, Alison sneaks up behind Elliot and strangles him with her IV cord, but Elliot gains the upper hand and injects Ali with a sedative. He then straps her into the bed and adds a head strap that covers her mouth. Emily, Aria and Hanna go to Welby and complain to the director of the sanitarium that Dr. Rollins is mistreating Ali. But when they go to Alison's room, she is sleeping peacefully with no restrictive straps in sight.

Meanwhile Spencer stops by Toby's trailer to ask him to find out about Elliot and Mary, but runs into Yvonne instead. Yvonne makes it known that she doesn't like Toby going on secret missions for Spencer and also mentions that they're celebrating their recent engagement that evening. When she returns home Spencer asks Caleb why he's been acting distant lately and if something happened between him and Hanna when they were alone. Caleb admits that he and Hanna kissed the night that she got kidnapped, but the conversation is interrupted by Spencer receiving a call from Jason.

Spencer then meets up with the other PLLs and tells them that Jason had no idea Alison is in Welby, confirming that Elliot lied to them. Since Jason is out of the country the ladies know they need to get Alison away from Elliot asap. Emily still has a key to Ali's house and they decide to look for something that can help them in Elliot's secret trunk. Emily has to go to work, but gives the girls the key. While Aria searches inside the house, Spencer tells Hanna that she knows about the kiss as they stand guard outside. Hanna maintains that she no longer has feelings for Caleb, who is her past while Jordan is her future, but it doesn't look like Spencer believes her.

Elliot unexpectedly comes home, so Spencer and Hanna stall him while Aria takes pictures of the medicine inside his trunk. Aria also snaps a photo of Elliot's credit card statement, before putting the key back - in the wrong place, come on Aria! Back at Spencer's house the ladies see that Elliot made a charge to an Amish bed and breakfast the same weekend that Alison went with Elliot to visit his family. So Aria and Hanna decide to go and check it out.

Aria and Hanna meet a young Amish girl, Eliza, who tells them that they look like her dolls. It turns out that Charlotte and Elliot came to the Amish community quite often and Charlotte gave Eliza dolls named after the PLLs. Eliza also reveals that she saw Charlotte and Elliot kissing once. Hanna sees a cattle prod and realizes that's what was used to torture her when she was kidnapped and held captive. Emily started working as a bartender at The Radley, and it looks like a new relationship is forming between her and Sabrina, who works at The Brew. After her shift, Emily crashes Toby and Yvonne's engagement party and asks Toby to look into Elliot and Mary. When Toby searches Elliot's name in the police database, he realizes that the real Elliot Rollins has been dead for many years.

When Elliot realizes that the PLLs have discovered his hidden trunk, Elliot takes Alison somewhere. But Alison manages to us Elliot's phone to send her location to Emily along with a text that says: "S.O.S." so that her friends can follow and save her. The ladies track Elliot's phone and see that he's heading towards a lake. Alison is pretending to be asleep, but when Elliot is distracted she pushes his head into the steering wheel and then jumps out of the car. Elliot chases after Ali, while Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer take a short cut to try and cut Elliot off. Alison runs past the car Hanna's driving and next comes Elliot, who Hanna accidentally hits. The impact shatters the windshield with Elliot's head going straight through the glass. It's an extremely grim sight and we wonder how the PLLs are going to lie their way out of this one. What did you think of "The Talented Mr. Rollins"?

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