Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 4 trailer, Jenna's back!

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Now that we know who's actually in the grave that the Pretty Little Liars are digging, the real trouble begins. Find out what's in store for the ladies this week with the Episode 4 ("Hit and Run, Run, Run") trailer

Episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars focused on Elliot Rollins - which isn't even his real name, but since we don't know what it is we're going to continuing referring to him as Elliot. As teased in the PLL Episode 3 trailer, the Liars realized that Elliot was harming Alison and is not to be trusted. They broke into Alison's house to see what they could find, but Elliot realized that they were snooping around a moved Alison out of the hospital to take to a secret location. Alison managed to take Elliot's phone and secretly share her location with her friends. She then jumped out of the car and tried to escape. Elliot chased after Alison, but as fate would have it he ran right in front of Hanna's car and went straight through the windshield. If you missed out on the first death of the season catch up with our PLL Season 7: Episode 3 recap before watching the trailer for this week's episode.

The Episode 4 trailer sees the PLLs digging a grave to bury Elliot's body, following their accidental murder of him. The Season 7 premiere opened with this scene, making us think that the Liars were digging Hanna's grave, but we now know that it's in fact for Elliot. Emily says: "All we need to do is cover our tracks," to which Spencer adds: "We should be good at it by now." We see the ladies work to hide any incriminating evidence, however when Aria exclaims: "We've thought of everything," Hanna responds: "Nobody thinks of everything!" The narrator then declares: "Burying the body won't bury the truth," so it doesn't seem like the PLLs are out of the woods just yet. Toby announces the Elliot Rollins is dead, but we think he's talking about the real Elliot Rollins and not the man the Liars killed. Hopefully the police, even Toby, won't find out about this murder for a while yet. But Hanna says: "Somebody knows what we did tonight." The trailer ends with the ladies' surprised faces as they see Jenna walk into The Radley. How do you think Jenna will be involved with the Season 7 storyline?

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