Pretty Little Liars Season 7 filming has begun!

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For those of you just itching to get your Pretty Little Liars fix, we've got good news! Filming for Season 7 is well underway, check out the set photos below

It's been a month since Pretty Little Liars Season 6 wrapped up, but we must admit sometimes the events from the finale keep us up at night. Here at melty we're still shocked about Mrs. DiLaurentis' evil twin Mary, who is Charlotte's real mother. It looks like viewers are sure to see a lot more of Mary Drake in Season 7, sinceAndrea Parker will be returning to Pretty Little Liars as a series regular. Mary teamed up with Elliot Rollins (probs not even his real name) to drive Alison into a mental facility and seize control of her assets to the Carissimi Group. In the finale, Mary mentioned that Elliot is the only man that Charlotte loved, and he strangely proved his devotion when he married her cousin (Alison) as part of Mary's nefarious plan. Showrunner Marlene King has promised that PLL Season 7 will reveal more about Elliot's history with Charlotte and his motives for why he's doing what he's doing.

Marlene King and the Pretty Little Liars cast and crew are now officially back to work filming Season 7, and have been teasing the production on social media. King tweeted a photo from the set, saying: "No better crew than team PLL. We're back, bitches." The showrunner also teased the premiere, titled "Tick-Tock, Bitches", with a photo of the script, and shared that they wrapped up filming on Episode 1 last night. It looks like the start of the season will take place at the Lost Woods Resort, where Hanna was kidnapped. Hanna worked with Caleb on a plan to use herself as bait in order to catch the new baddie. But this scheme clearly backfired and Hanna was taken from the motel room, knocked out, and was last seen being dragged across the floor of the church's bell tower. Before getting kidnapped Hanna revealed to Caleb that she never wanted to break up and the two exes shared a kiss. Spaleb had actually started to grow on us, but now that there's clearly still hope for Haleb, we're not sure which ship we're rooting for. Who do you want to see Caleb end up with: Hanna or Spencer?

Source: Twitter: @imarleneking