Pretty Little Liars Season 7 gets a premiere date!

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We've still got a bit of time to wait until Pretty Little Liars returns to our screens, but Season 7 officially has a premiere date to mark on our calendars and count down to!

Filming for Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is well underway now. Last week showrunner Marlene King shared that shooting for the premiere "Tick-Tock, Bitches" was wrapped up, and we presume that filming for Episode 2 ("Bedlam") is nearly done, if not already finished. It's been a week after all, and the PLL cast and crew have been hard at work on set. Season 6 left off with the revelation that Mrs. DiLaurentis has an evil twin sister named Mary Drake. Mary is Charlotte's biological mother, and following Charlotte's murder she has a personal vendetta against Alison. It would seem that Mary is also the person who's been harassing the PLLs to find out who killed Charlotte, but there's still Uber A lurking in that shadows, who we believe to be someone other than Mary or Elliot Rollins (if that's even his real name). Elliot totally duped Alison into into marrying him to gain control of her Carissimi Group assets, and Mary reveals that he was the only man Charlotte ever loved. Fans can rest assured that PLL Season 7 will reveal Elliot's true motives and history with Charlotte.

For those of you just itching to see some new Pretty Little Liars action, we've got some good news for you. Season 7 will premiere on Freeform on Tuesday, June 21 - which really isn't that far off! In addition to all the Uber A mystery it's been teased that the upcoming season will be the most romantic one yet. And with romance comes drama, especially when it involves a love triangle with one of your besties. Awkward. Now we don't know for certain if anything will come out of Hanna's confession and her kiss with Caleb, especially since she was last seen knocked out and being dragged across the church's bell tower floor. Will Hanna even survive? Of course she will! They can't kill off Hanna.

Also seeing as this is Pretty Little Liars we're willing to bet that a lot of the Season 7 storyline will revolve around the Hanna-Caleb-Spencer love triangle. Another couple that we can't wait to see more of is Aria and Ezra. Many PLL fans have hoped and prayed for Ezria to be end game, but their sexual reunion in the Season 6 finale doesn't exactly tell us where the characters' heads are at. But hey, at least that spark is still there! Do you think Ezria is end game, and do you hope to see Caleb stay with Spencer or get back together with Hanna?

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