Pretty Little Liars Season 7's poster teases just how far the ladies will go to #saveHanna

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A new poster for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars shows most, but not all of the ladies in a line up. Read on to see who's missing and why!

We can't believe it's already been a few months since Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars ended. We're still wrapping our heads around everything that happened. Who would have guessed that Mrs. D had a secret twin sister named Mary Drake, who seems hell-bent on ruining her niece, Alison's, life?! Judging from the spoiler photos for PLL Season 7 of Mary and Dr. Elliot Rollins, it seems like it's going to take the Liars awhile to figure out that these two are up to no good. Aside from the life-or-death drama that we know the girls will face this season, we also can't wait to see what will happen with their love lives. Troian Bellisario recently teased the fate of Spencer's romantic future, but we're not sure it includes Toby. There's also the question of Ezria getting back together. They hooked up in the finale, but does it mean they're getting back together for good? We just have to be patient until the new season starts in order to get answers, but waiting is so hard!!

Things are really not looking good for Hanna now. At first glance of the new promo poster for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, you might think the blond on the left is Hanna. However, she is nowhere to be seen. The four girls in the poster are Alison, Aria, Emily and Spencer. The line across the top reads: "#SaveHanna." Clearly the hunt is on to rescue the fifth Liar, who as we saw in the Season 6 finale, was kidnapped by Uber A. What's just as compelling is that the girls are standing in front of a police lineup height chart. Are they going to be framed as suspects in Hanna's disappearance? Or possible commit a crime to get Hanna back. In usual PLL fashion, this ad is leaving us with more questions than answers. Luckily, episodes resume on June 21, so we have less than two weeks until the latest mystery starts to unravel. For more Pretty Little Liars updates click the green subscribe button below! Where do you think Hanna is?

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