Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoiler photos see the PLLs vs. Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins

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New photos from Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars show Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins in all their creepiness. Plus a shot of Ezria hiding in a closet. Read on for details and to see the pics!

The countdown is on until the Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars. The show is back in less than two weeks and we are excited to see how it picks up after the shocking revelations from the end of Season 6. In case you need a little recap, it was revealed in the finale that Mary Drake is Mrs. DiLaurentis' twin and has teamed up with Dr. Rollins, who is really British, to bring down Ali. After working their shady ways against her, Alison ended the season by checking herself into a psychiatric hospital, which we're guessing she'll have trouble trying to leave when the new season starts. The trailer for what might be the last season of PLL showed Hanna (or another blonde chick) hanging from the rafters and has left us in suspense over her fate. We're also wondering about how the Liars' love lives will play out, particularly Spencer's. Troian Bellisario recently teased the fate of Spencer's love life, but we're not sure if Spoby will remain a couple of the past or if there's hope for their future together. We'll just have to wait and see.

New photos from upcoming season have been released, which makes us even more impatient for June 21 to hurry up and get here already. There are a few pics of Mary Drake talking to Spencer, as well as Dr. Rollins standing with Emily and also creepily exiting a room. Although the interactions definitely look serious in nature, the Liars by no means appear to be afraid as they interact with these villains. It seems like the evil duo are keeping their agenda under wraps, at least for now. But the question is what is their end game and why is Mary talking to Spencer? Since this is potentially the final season of PLL, it has been promised by showrunner Marlene King that the show will move at a faster pace than what we've been accustomed to in the past. Although we hate to think of the series ending, it's good to know that we'll be getting answers about Uber A's motives and identity sooner than later. For more Pretty Little Liars updates click the green subscribe button below! Do you think Mary Drake will fool the girls into thinking she's good?

Source: Entertainment Weekly