Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Troian Bellisario teases Spencer's love life

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Troian Bellisario tweeted about the future of her character's love life on Pretty Little Liars, which may or may not include Toby. Read on for details and to see what she had to say!

We are only a couple weeks away from the Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars! And that has us excited beyond belief, although we can't help but feel a little sad since it might be the show's last season. Showrunner Marlene King recently unveiled the themes for Season 7 and said that the upcoming episodes will move at a faster pace and be way more twisted than ever before. On an even more serious note, we've been left wondering since the Season 6 finale about what happened to Hanna after being kidnapped by Uber A from the cabin. Ashley Benson recently teased Hanna's demise in PLL Season 7, but we find it hard to believe that the show would actually kill off one of the Liars. However, PLL is known to throw curveballs our way so we'll never say never.

The Season 6 finale of PLL left fans with more questions than answers, but luckily it looks like we might be finally getting some info on what to expect from Spencer's love life when the show returns. Troian Belliario, who plays Spencer, recently tweeted the following: "I think with whomever and however Spencer ends up is going to be moving for fans and Toby has and always will be in her life." Sadly, it's not exactly a definitive declaration that she and Toby are destined to be together. Is she trying to say that they are MFEO (made for each other) and will eventually find their way back to coupledom? Or are we going to have to watch these two play the friend game for eternity? Since Season 7 might be the last for PLL, hopefully we'll get some answers soon! Do you think Spencer and Toby will end up together?

Source: Twitter: @sleepinthegardn