Prison Break, celebrating sweet Sucre - past, present and (perhaps) future

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Last week it was T-Bag, this week it's Sucre. He captured our imagination with a level of loyalty that the rest of us could only dream of - but will he return for the Prison Break reboot? Let's get deducing

Hopefully you will have seen the introduction to our latest Prison Break column last week, one which focuses on one character per week, estimating the likelihood of their return in Season 5 - last week we discussed terrible T-Bag! This week, however, it's time to take a different tack; let's talk about everyone's favorite nice guy: Fernando Sucre. We recently admitted that if anyone were to make a comeback alongside Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, we would want it to be him, but is it likely? First, let's take a trip down memory lane. Sucre captured our hearts and minds with his innocence and (to be brutally honest) his blind loyalty to cell mate, Michael, all the way back in Prison Break's pilot. He initially wanted nothing to do with Michael's proposed escape plan, requesting a cell transfer, but when he realised that his relationship with Maricruz hung in the balance, he became eager to participate. One of the Fox River Eight, Sucre's path eventually led him all over the American continent, desperately chasing down the love of his life. In fact, he ended up being the last member of the Eight to successfully evade Agent Mahone and his band of CIA cronies. Alas, all good things come to an end, and he found himself incarcerated once again, this time inside the uncontrollable Sona prison in Panama. However, when T-Bag burned the prison down, he reunited with Michael and Lincoln, ultimately contributing to their retrieval of Scylla.

So there we have it; the emotional roller-coaster that is Fernando Sucre's life. You've gotta give him credit - everything he did was so that he and Maricruz could finally live together in peace, but there's way more to him that just blind faith. There was nobody Wentworth Miller's character could trust more than Sucre, and when the chips were down, you knew he would always come to the rescue - not bad for a man who was sent to prison for armed robbery, a crime he only committed in order to pay for his wedding! But it's time for the big question: will Amaury Nolasco grace our screens once again as Sucre when Prison Break returns to FOX in 2016? Well, he has certainly been busy since 2009, with an appearance in the Transformers film coupled with several bit-part TV series roles. Then again, there would still be room in his schedule to shoehorn in filming for the ten-parter season - why the hell would he not want to? Furthermore, Sucre was one of the rare few characters to end The Final Break fully intact. Paul Scheuring has definitely left the path unobstructed for a sugary return for Sucre! We're feeling positive - perhaps our outlook is blinded by our love for him, but we truly reckon Sucre will be back for Season 5! Do you?

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