Prison Break: Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller have been spotted on set!

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Ever since filming for the highly anticipated Prison Break revival season began, fans have noticed that Wentworth Miller has been missing in action, until now

We've been closely following the production process of the Prison Break revival season, and like some other fans, we noticed that Wentworth Miller, who stars as Michael Scofield, has been notably missing in behind-the-scenes shots and cast members' social media posts. A hashtag has even been created for the character (#wheresmichael), but now, we've been given a sign of life from Dominic Purcell, who plays Michael's brother, Lincoln. The brothers have each taken turns in breaking the other one out from prison, and the finale of Season 4 saw the unexpected death of Michael. This minor obstacle doesn't seem to be permanent, as YVRShoots was able to take some snaps of Miller with Purcell on a set that had been made to look like a Middle-Eastern café. Sources state that Lincoln teams up with Michael's sweetheart Sara, and plots to break Michael out of a prison in Yemen, where he is being detained for faking his own death. Purcell is reportedly not enjoying his time filming in Vancouver, but we assume that being reunited with his on-screen brother would have been a nice change for him.

In YVRShoots' pictures, Michael is most definitely not in prison, as he and Lincoln stroll out of the café, with not a shackle in sight. Perhaps they were shooting the post break-out scenes. The set was apparently transformed from a sandwich bar in East Vancouver. The revival season, which will consist of nine episodes, sees all of the old gang back together, and they have also been joined by newcomers Faran Tahir, TJ Ramini, Scott Ness, Inbar Lavi, Marina Benedict and Kunal Sharma. It's going to be a jam-packed season, that's for sure. The first initial cut of Episode 1 is already done and dusted, and word has it that the show's creator, Paul Scheuring is over the moon about how it's all shaping up. For all the latest Prison Break news and updates, click the green subscribe button below. What do you think Lincoln and Michael are doing in Yemen?

Source: YVRshoots / Instagram: @dominicpurcell