Prison Break: Dominic Purcell reveals almost all about the upcoming revival season

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Being one of the main characters on Prison Break isn't always fun and games, as Dominic Purcell suffered a near-fatal accent while filming a crucial scene for the upcoming season. The actor used it as an opportunity to tells fans as much as he can about the revival.

We recently had a chuckle when we saw that after an iron bar fell on his head, which subsequently left him with a broken nose and over 150 stitches, Prison Break star Dominic Purcell downplayed his huge accident to make it look like not much more than a scratch. Luckily he is already back on form, and when asked by Deadline as to how his injuries will be played into the script, especially Lincoln's new broken nose, Purcell had this to say: "We’re jumping to Episodes 8 and 9, which we haven’t shot, and we’re going to play the injuries in it. They’ll just write something where Lincoln gets bashed in the head with an iron bar or something." Always the funny one. When Purcell was hit by the iron bar, it was during a scene that sees convicts and guards alike fleeing the prison where Michael is incarcerated. When asked to give more details about the scene, Purcell revealed: "Because basically, the regime in Yemen had collapsed, it was in complete chaos and turmoil, and the gates were open so all the prisoners were released. And I’m running in trying to get through and find Michael, and I can’t." This leads us to beg the question as to how the two brothers will find each other again!

When we first got word that the revival season will be taking place in Yemen, we thought of it as an interesting choice. However, Purcell gave some insight into the show's creator Paul Scheuring's choices and why he felt it so important that the filming should feature the Middle East by explaining: "It’s tying into what’s going on in the world today with terrorism. The show is taking place in Yemen; we’re dealing with ISIS and ISA, and obviously we left off with Michael presumably dead. He wasn’t, he ended up working for this organization. It got to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind. He didn’t change his mind, they set him up." Michael was set up by another company? We've heard this tune before, but from the looks it, it will take the show to a whole new level. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the trailer for the Prison Break revival season, it will give you goosebumps! How do you feel about the show involving terrorist organisations?

Source: Deadline