Prison Break: Lincoln gets in a fight

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Prison Break's Lincoln Burrows has a bad habit of getting on the wrong side of the wrong people, and now it looks like he's at it again as teased in some behind-the-scenes shots

Dominic Purcell sure has been active on social media since filming of the Prison Break revival began, and has even posted a revealing picture of his character, Lincoln Burrows, getting hit by a car! To really emphasise the physicality of the production process, the actor recently posted a couple more photos onto his Instagram page, which show him to be a bit worse for wear. After having fallen asleep on what looks like the most uncomfortable chair in existence with a couple of very nasty looking bruises on his face, Purcell captioned the image: "Passed out in between set ups today. #dreaming of retirement in modest beach house a lonely secret spot just #surfing and playing in the ocean with not a human insight." Which human in particular has been giving our boy some beef? It better not be T-Bag or we'll be quick to ensure that he looses a second hand.

The #man loves to fight. ????????????????????

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Although the actor has previously stated that his time filming in Vancouver is not always enjoyable, we're sure that being reunited with his Prison Break co-star Wentworth Miller, who plays Lincoln's brother, Michael, must have brought a smile to his face. Gathering together what we know about the upcoming revival season so far, nine episodes will be made and rumor has it that Michael is currently serving time in a Yemeni prison after faking his own death (we're still unsure as to why they sent him to Yemen). This event then causes Lincoln to bring the old gang back together, in order to help break their homeboy out of jail. Evidently, that's not without gathering a few cuts and scrapes along the way. To keep up to date with all the latest Prison Break news and updates, click the green subscribe button below. Who do you think Lincoln will be going head to head with during the revival season?

Source: Instagram: @dominicpurcell