Prison Break: Lincoln sports some new tattoos

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The buzz surrounding the Prison Break revival season is deafening. Now, it seems as though Dominic Purcell has given a little clue as to how Lincoln is going to break his brother out of prison. Read on for all the details.

We recently became worried when we saw that Prison Break star Dominic Purcell gravely injured himself on set when an iron bar fell on his head, but relaxed a bit when the star downplayed his accident to make it seem like not much more than a scratch. During the scene in which he hurt himself, his character Lincoln, was in the process of running through an evacuated prison in search of his brother, Michael. However, it seems as though Lincoln is taking a leaf out of Michael's book, and has decked himself out with a number of new tattoos, which will presumably lead him straight to his brother.

As we all know, way back in Season 1, Michael created a tattoo that went from his hips to his collarbone, and contained the blueprint to Fox River Prison where Lincoln was incarcerated. The tables have now turned and although Lincoln's ink doesn't seem to be as intricate as Michael's, it definitely seems to contain everything he will need in order to succeed in setting his brother free. On the one arm we can see there is a map, various arrows pointing in different directions and cryptic words which will no doubt help him on his quest.

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When we last saw Michael at the end of Season 4, he seemingly blew himself to smithereens. Now the Prison Break revival trailer not only gives us goosebumps, but also the element of surprise when we see that Michael is still alive. Speaking to Deadline, about where we will find the characters in the upcoming season and why Michael is in prison, Purcell explained: "The show is taking place in Yemen; we’re dealing with ISIS and ISA, and obviously we left off with Michael presumably dead. He wasn’t, he ended up working for this organization. It got to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind. He didn’t change his mind, they set him up." This season is only nine episodes long, and each one of them has been written by the show's creator Paul Scheuring. We are just hoping against hope that Michael and Lincoln will be able to get a house by the sea and grow old together in peace by the end of this! Do you think that Lincoln's going about getting Michael out of prison the right way?

Source: Instagram: @dominicpurcell / Deadline