Prison Break, live and let Lincoln Junior - past, present and (perhaps) future!

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Ohh yes, curveball, we know! Remember Lincoln Junior? Don't worry if you don't, he wasn't even in Season 4 of Prison Break. But we wonder if he will make the cut for Season 5

The last time we saw Marshall Allman as Lincoln Junior he had long, floppy hair, and a very teenage temper! True, both your father and uncle being sent to jail in the space of a few months is likely to make a mark on any young man, but LJ's tale truly was tragedy after tragedy - the travails of a young American adolescent, if you will. Now, over the past month or two we have been taking one much-loved Prison Break character after another, reminding ourselves of what they got up to when the show was on FOX from 2005 to 2009, and asking ourselves if we expect to see them when it returns some time THIS year (Happy New Year, by the way - we can now talk about Prison Break's reboot as if it's just around the corner...). Last week it was the turn of Lincoln Burrows (or 'Linc the Sink' to his bros), but this time round it's his son who has our attention. Poor LJ, affected by the events that transpired between Michael and Lincoln, he was arrested for possession of marijuana, then hunted down mercilessly by Agent Kellerman, before turning a gun on Kellerman himself. The attempted murder fell through, however, and he was arrested again shortly after. But you can't keep a Burrows down that easily! A newly-released Lincoln rushed to the aid of his son as he was being transported to another facility, escaping (just) along with Michael.

LJ was eventually recaptured, but a successful hostage exchange left him available to run away with Lincoln and Sophia, free to live his life in peace. But will that really be the case? We may not have seen LJ during Prison Break Season 4, but something tells us that he could well make a special appearance in the reboot. After all, if he is living the life of tranquility with Lincoln - a Lincoln who is definitely coming back - why would LJ not accompany him? He would be an adult now (around mid-20s), so he should be more than capable of fending for himself in the dark, twisted world of the company! Whenever a show is brought back from the depths of the archive closet, cameos for some well-known faces (be it a one line cameo or a whole episode) always get the fans' pulses racing. Take a look at Heroes Reborn - Hiro, Noah and Angela are just three fan favorite's who were in the sequel series, and viewers loved it! Something tells us that LJ may well be destined to reunite with Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller on the small screen. And if he does, sparks are gonna fly! Would you like to see LJ back in Prison Break?

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