Prison Break: Mahone, maybe means maybe - past, present and (perhaps) future

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A classic case of bad guy turned good, Alexander Mahone divided opinions amongst the Prison Break faithful - but what are the chances of him coming back? Let's take a look

Agent Alexander Mahone didn't makes his Prison Break bow until the Season 2 debut, where he was tasked with leading the hunt for the elusive Fox River Eight, but he quickly became a main component of Paul Scheuring's set-up, as the chase for Michael Scofield and his band of merry men took him all the way from Chicago to Panama to Florida. During Season 2, as the hunt for Michael and Co. got ever more dangerous, Mahone was betrayed and shot in the chest by his 'ally' Agent Kellerman, leading William Fichtner's character to give up the day job and go rogue, leaving The Company for good. Alas, things then went from bad to worse for Mahone, as he was arrested alongside Michael and unceremoniously thrown into Sona, the deadly Panamanian jail. In prison, Mahone succeeded in his arduous battle to gain Michael's trust. The two of them then created an elaborate escape plan (aided by Lincoln), eventually managing to break out of that Central American hell hole. Season 4 saw the two of them work in tandem to find Scylla, with both Michael and Mahone desperately searching for a way to clear their name for good. As we well know, they succeeded, and Mahone was exonerated of all his crimes. When Michael sadly died attempting to rescue Sara in The Final Break, Mahone was one of the few men to attend his burial service. So they ended as friends - could William Fichtner perhaps returns as an ally for Michael in FOX's Prison Break revival?

We first need to consider Fichtner's availability - he was perhaps the most well-known member of an illustrious Prison Break cast ensemble all those years ago (yes, we exaggerate slightly). Appearances in Armageddon and Black Hawk Down were both pretty impressive ticks on his CV. Since the show ended in 2009, however, Fichtner's career has sky-rocketed, with roles in The Dark Knight and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining the latest Independence Day movie on his cherished credits list. So, it ain't looking positive - how can we expect him to shoehorn in filming on a new ten-part series around all his other movie commitments? Then again, Mahone was most definitely one of the 'safer' characters as The Final Break drew to a close. Just like Sucre, he was a free man, and a close friend of Michael's, so perhaps Michael's 'resurrection' would be enough to drag him back into the crazy, convoluted world of The Company (or whatever chaos the show has in store for us next year). We've taken a look at T-Bag and Sucre over the last two weeks and, to be honest, we believe that those two are both more likely to return with Prison Break in 2016, but hey, we'd love to be proved wrong! Do you think Mahone will be a part of the Prison Break revival?

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