Prison Break revival rumors tease the characters' whereabouts

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Who wants to finally find out what's up with Michael and co? Or course you do! Well these revival rumors will go a long way towards settling the debate once and for all

So by now we've established that Prison Break 2.0 will take place a loooong time after Michael's Season 4 burial (after all, Sara has found herself a new husband and everything). The cast and crew have been filming in Vancouver for a good couple of months now, and we imagine that the team has completed at least a third of the nine-part Season 5. However, we're still no closer to working out what our favorite characters have been up to since 2009. Amaury Nolasco and Dominic Purcell have been spotted on numerous occasions searching for Michael, and sadly this summary of all the Prison Break revival rumors (courtesy of @PrisonBReak) doesn't reveal Mr. Scofield's location to us. Nevertheless, if you read the full document below, you'll learn something very exciting concerning Theodore Bagwell: "The show starts the day of his release from Fox River and he's in very good shape," it teases...

Next up is C-Note, and guess what? We were wrong... There was us predicting that C-Note would be living the good life out in Morocco, awaiting a visit from Lincoln and co. But in fact, he just resides in New York... Ah well, there's nothing wrong with having a guess, I suppose. According to the rumor sheet: "He is the respected leader of an Islamic center next to a Mosque. He serves God and fights against radicalization." Talk about a changed man! Then, of course, there's Fernando Sucre, who is apparently transporting illegal cargo around the world. So essentially, these guys are still going to make as much of a rag-tag team as they did in the past; quelle surprise. There's also some fascinating little tidbits regarding the show's new characters, such as Cate. Have a read of it all, and we'll leave you to digest the information. Does any of it surprise you?

Source: Twitter: @PrisonBReact