Prison Break: Rockmond Dunbar is feeling the Moroccan filming

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Something tells us that Rockmond Dunbar is really enjoying filming Prison Break in Morocco... Just check out his Instagram account - he can't get enough of it

Celebrities would be nowhere without social media these days. How else could they show us all the super cool things they've been doing? How else could they make us 100% jealous, 100% of the time? Prison Break's Rockmond Dunbar is one of the more active Instagram users on the PB payroll, and judging by his Insta, filming's going pretty damn well over in Morocco! We've shared a couple of his recent posts just below - yep, he's having the time of his life. The team has only been in Morocco for a few days - and when we say 'the team', it's really only Dunbar, Dominic Purcell, and Amaury Nolasco, as far as we're aware - but Dunbar has evidently had enough time to get his artsy juices flowing... It begs the question really: is C-Note actually going to be in this Prison Break reboot, or will he just pop his head through the door for a brief cameo?

Finally found my place in this world. #bethetruth #bethelight #bethelion #bethelove

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C-note's reaction to the return of PRISON BREAK... "GO C-note GO!!! Morocco 2016

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We know for a fact that there will be some prison-based action in Morocco - some recent BTS photos gave us a welcome glimpse of the set location. But there ain't no suggestions that C-Note will be breaking into that jail cell - not now he's a reformed Muslim based in New York. It's all a bit frustrating really... Just when we thought we had begun to piece together the jigsaw, we now feel as lost as ever before. Why does Lincoln need to travel to both Morocco and the Yemen? Why are we (apparently) not going to get any Sara-Michael reconciliation until the season finale? Why did the trailer include Michael and Lincoln's long-awaited reunion? Does this mean there's a bigger, underlying story waiting to be told? Maybe that's why Rockmond Dunbar has so much free time on his hands right now; perhaps all his scenes will come during the latter stages of Season 5! What do you think C-Note's doing in Morocco?

Source: Instagram: @rockmonddunbar