Prison Break: Rockmond Dunbar wraps filming with a promise of great things to come

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Prison Break fans were over the moon to see C-Note in the revival season trailer. But, it now seems as though Rockmond Dunbar's time with the show has come to an end, as he writes a farewell post to the show and its fans.

The hype surrounding the revival season of Prison Break reached new heights when it was confirmed that the characters C-Note and T-Bag would also be returning to the show. The new season will take place between Canada and Yemen, as the group discovers the truth behind Michael's death (or lack thereof), and set off to follow him to where he is being unfairly incarcerated. The last time we saw C-Note, he was working as a UPS delivery man, ensuring his reputation in prison for getting material to his comrades stayed the same in the real world. The first trailer for the Prison Break revival season gives us goosebumps, as we see Lincoln coming to C-Note for help to get Michael out of prison, after placed there by the company for not abiding to their orders.

It was clear from Dunbar's social media page, that he greatly enjoyed filming in Morocco, which was used as the backdrop for Yemen. But now, the cast and the crew are back in rainy Vancouver, and Dunbar has taken to Twitter to confirm that his part in the making of the season has come to an end. Writing a quick message to his followers, together with a picture of him in character, Dunbar said: "Ladies and gentlemen that is a picture wrap on C-note... @PBWritersRoom @PrisonBreak. This season is gonna be [emojis showing the brilliance of Prison Break]" Although it's sad to see Dunbar go, reports show that Season 5 may not be the be all and end all for the series as a whole. It's clear that writer and creator Paul Scheuring, along with all the original cast, had a blast coming back to the show, and wouldn't mind coming back for Season 6. For all the latest news and updates for Prison Break, click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited to see Rockmond Dunbar back on screen as C-Note?

Source: Twitter: @RockmondDunbar