Prison Break's creator Paul Sheuring gets excited while watching the revival's first episode

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Paul Scheuring is all of us. At least, watching the first cut of Prison Break's Season 5 premiere he is. Check out this brilliant photo below - come on, you know you're gonna react just like him

Gosh. That went quickly. Only a few weeks ago we reported on the news that filming had officially begun in Vancouver on the long-awaited Prison Break reboot, and Paul Scheuring has already put together the first cut of the Season 5 premiere - talk about efficiency! It hasn't been all plain sailing for Scheuring and co. however, with Dominic Purcell openly admitting his dislike for Vancouver (he actually composed a very informative Instagram post about the whole situation, which you can check out above). Anyway, the reason we know about Prison Break's swift progress is thanks to the PB Writers Room Twitter account. As you can see below, the account posted a glorious photo of our one true king and ruler, Paul Scheuring *ahem* enjoying the Season 5 premiere. JUST LOOK HOW MUCH FUN HE'S HAVING!

We might be completely wrong here (and if we are, please don't hate us), but we're going to assume that the cast and crew have only filmed Episode 1 so far. If that is the case, then we know for a fact that Lincoln and Sucre will spend part of the premiere in an airport, courtesy of all the recent behind-the-scenes content leaked on the internet. Social media has suggested that the pair are on the hunt for Michael, maybe having heard rumors of a recent public appearance by Wentworth Miller's character (we're still a bit fuzzy on that last bit). So can we fit these pieces of the jigsaw together? Our (rather vague) plot prediction consists of the following: Lincoln finds out that Michael is still alive. He enlists the help of Fernando Sucre to track down their bro. The pair catch a plane to Morocco (because why not?) where they encounter C-Note and discuss the good old times over a cup of Chai tea. Thoughts? Do you think we're on the right path?

Source: Twitter: @PBWritersRoom