Prison Break's revival season gets a new promo image

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Following the release of the official Prison Break revival trailer, Paul Scheuring and co. have unveiled a brand new promo photo. And guess what? Michael and Lincoln are center stage

The melty office has been awash with excitement this week following the release of the first official Prison Break revival trailer. It has everything (and everyone) we could ever want: a prison break (obviously), some Michael and Lincoln loving, T-Bag being creepy... In fact, the only disappointment is that we'll have to wait an entire year before Michael returns to FOX, as the trailer also confirmed a Spring 2017 release date. But it's not all doom and gloom - check out this brand new promotional image from PBHQ. It sees Michael and Lincoln's faces displayed on a dingy, noir background - perhaps the Yemen jail where we expect the brothers to reunite? If you look closely, there is another layer of image lain over the top of TV's favorite brothers, and our limited language knowledge identifies it as Arabic. All roads point to the Yemen - is that where the majority of Season 5 will be located?

We're pleased to say that the Prison Break revival will definitely feature a jailbreak of some sort - one that we assume is orchestrated by Michael from the inside. But the question still remains: HOW IS HE ALIVE!? Michael Scofield didn't just fake his own death in the straight-to-DVD release, The Final Break; we actually watched the life leave his body... Paul Scheuring has a lot to answer for, so we're mighty intrigued to see what he comes out with in this nine-part thriller. Now, the last time Prison Break was on TV was 2009, believe it or not, so it's totally understandable if your memory is a little hazy. Where did we last leave the other characters? How will their lives have changed since The Final Break? Check out this super useful revival rumors document to get yourself quickly up-to-speed. C-Note and Sucre's stories are particularly interesting... So what do you think of the new PB cover art? Have you learnt anything new?

Source: Twitter: @PBWritersRoom