Prison Break Season 5 won't air until 2017

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The trailer for Prison Break Season 5 is finally out, but we've still got a long way to go before the show returns to FOX. The sad news is that Michael Scofield ain't coming back until 2017

You know that feeling when you're desperately waiting for an event to come around, but for some reason time passes at a snail's pace? That's how we feel about this fabled Prison Break reboot. The initial announcement promising a fifth season of Scofield-fuelled drama was unveiled almost ten months ago now, and the latest (pretty reliable) news emerging from Prison Break HQ suggests that the show won't return until Spring 2017! Spring 2017 - as in a whole year away... Don't believe us? Check out the first PB 2.0 trailer below - it's written down, clear as day. So there goes our theory of a Fall 2016 release date, optimistic as it was. It was just that one photo of Paul Scheuring watching the pilot episode in full that planted the paltry seed of hope in our minds... Alas, for those of you as hooked on Prison Break as much as we are here at melty, we've got a long year ahead...

Up till now cast and crew members have been pretty active on the old inter web, with tonnes of behind-the-scenes photos being posted to Twitter and Instagram. We can only hope that this rich vein of trigger-happy actors continues, because no spoiler photos = very little news for us to share with you. Take this short video filmed by Amaury Nolasco, for example. The fact that he and Dominic Purcell are actively searching for Michael gave away an integral part of the Season 5 plot before the trailer was even released - that's the kind of juicy gossip we're looking for! With filming still ongoing in Vancouver, there's no likelihood of our news feed drying up any time soon, but once Scheuring and co. have finished the hard graft, we'd better hope for hella teaser trailers! Did you expect Prison Break Season 5 to debut in 2017? Or were you slightly disappointed at the release date?

Source: Twitter: @PrisonBreak